Now, take advantage of a convenient multi-year SSL certificate subscription.

Starting in September 2020, SSL/TLS certificates can only be issued for a maximum of 397 days (13 months). This has come about as the browser owners and certificate authorities concluded that this step would further increase the security for SSL users.

However, keeping in mind the practical difficulties faced by website owners to keep track of expiring SSL certificates, now more frequently, a multi-year subscription purchase plan has been created.

You can now get the convenience of purchasing up-front an SSL certificate subscription for a maximum of 6 years with the following features:-

1) Discounted pricing locked in for the entire duration of the subscription. Pay once and insulate yourself against price hikes and foreign exchange related increase.

2) You can change the domain name without any charge on the anniversary renewal of the SSL certificate.

3) Our operations and tech support team will hand hold you through the annual renewal process with alerts in advance to ensure that the rollover to the next year is seamless.

4) Security is now much stronger for your website; an updated version of the SSL certificate is issued with advanced cipher technology which is constantly being researched