Tally Prime on Cloud

Tally vs Tally on Cloud:

How you are working currently on Tally:

✔ Tally installation required on each device.

✔ Manual Backups.

✔ Multiple Tally Licenses required for multiple offices.

✔ Work from Office premises.

✔ Data recovery takes time.

✔ Additional software required for Data protection Against Viruses, Malware & Ransomware.

✔ No Real Time data sync.

✔ Tally computers are interconnected in one location by using a single network either through LAN Cables or a WIFI.

✔ Tally software needs to be updated manually on each device.

How you can work with Tally on Cloud:

✔ No installation required all devices can access Tally online.

✔ Automated Backups.

✔ Single Tally License required for multiple offices.

✔ Work from Anywhere, Any device.

✔ Data recovered instantly from the nearest backup point.

✔ Inbuilt Data protection Against Viruses, Malware & Ransomware.

✔ Real-time data sync.

✔ Any computer, any mobile device can access tally through the Internet across multiple locations.

✔ Software update required only on the server.

Why Tally on Cloud?

Accessible on all devices worldwide:

The tally is on cloud; hence, it can be accessed from multiple devices across the world at the same time.

Protection from Malware & Virus Attacks:

Our Cloud has updated firewalls/IDS applications to detect and block unauthorised intrusions.

Real Time Work Syncing:

Tally Cloud facilitates real-time syncing of entries done by team members sitting at different locations.

No Hardware Required
No Hardware Required:

You do not need to maintain servers at your offices to store data.

No Remote Desktop License Required:

Tally on cloud allows unlimited users to access tally at same time with no per user license fee.


The best option Tally on Cloud offer is the absolute freedom to build configurations and customizations of your Tally on Cloud plan. Tally on Cloud server allows businesses to meet up the expanding demand.

Utmost Security:

Cloud server for Tally ERP comes with a security shield that prevents data threats or breaches of security as well as provides regular automatic backups. It is loaded with various tools for high data integrity.


No extra expenses need to be incurred for multiple user licenses, as one Tally user license could be used for multiple users from different locations. Save business from the cost of maintenance of hardware, IT staff, data protection, etc. Tallycloudhub.com will take care of all this for you.

Real-Time Data:

Accurate business reports are required to make on-time decisions, so real-time data synchronization is crucial. This would eliminate decision-making processing time and improve the organization’s overall efficiency.


Fully customizable automated backups at regular intervals reduces your burden of maintaining backups.


» 100% Dedicated Server for your organisation. You can power off & power on your server anytime.

» No investment on Server Grade hardware for your organisation.

» Use any broadband / data card to run Tally Online.

» Security options like User & PC Lock, OTP Login, Time based Login, Country Restriction and many more.

» Option to install applications like TDS, Word Processors, etc.

» Automatic Daily Backup of Server / data.

» A peace of mind solution, built by Data center / hosting experts since 2006.

» Fit for using in multi branch environment.