Large Scale VPN Deployment Is Complex & Expensive.

The modern widely distributed enterprise needs to support remote work at scale. Conventional VPN routers and site-to-site VPN connectivity support a very limited number of users and locations, presenting a technical and financial challenge to providing a secure and reliable computing ecosystem to a large number of remote workers and branch offices.

K7 VPN Concentrator – Multi-user VPN Done Right.

The K7 VPN Concentrator enables cost-effective, simple, secure, and robust interconnection between headquarters and branch offices, and between offices and data centres or remote workers. By creating and managing multiple VPN tunnels, K7 VPN Concentrator enables seamless and secure remote access to CRM, ERP, and Intranet applications for up to hundreds of users.

Key Benefits

100% Uptime

Ease of Management

Logs & Reports

Remote Manageability


SLA Monitoring


The K7 VPN Concentrator enables cyber-safe pervasive computing in your organization and ensures secure data delivery between all VPN nodes. It offers your workforce the flexibility of using any ISP/ broadband link to establish private communication with headquarters.


  • Multiple virtual VPN servers
  • 2X Scalable appliance
  • High Availability
  • Load balance & ILLB
  • Works with all ISP links
  • No static IP requirement
  • Auto Failover of VPN tunnels
  • IDS/IPS | GeoIP Filter | PFS
  • Encryption : DES, 3DES-192, AES (128 & 256), Blowfish-128
  • Message integrity: MD-5 and SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Password protected Private key
  • Monitoring of connected/disconnected VPN clients on a real-time basis
  • Alerts on VPN client failure
  • Daily scheduled reports

The K7 VPN Connector enables VPN infrastructure with support for SSL encryption and reduces IT  effort overhead.