Conventional WAN Is An Expensive Bottleneck

Modern business operations and workforces are highly distributed, with an accelerating need for high bandwidth and low latency connectivity to enable internet telephony, videoconferencing, and cloud-based services from multiple vendors for users spread across a large number of small offices. Conventional private WAN services are not designed to support such workloads and the variety of connectivity options available, resulting in high costs, poor reliability, and impaired productivity.

SD-WAN For Satellite Offices

K7 Connect 500 is a cost-effective and secure Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Branch Device for small satellite facilities that overcomes the disadvantages of private WAN services. Working in tandem with the K7 Unified Threat Management or K7 VPN Concentrator device in the head office, K7 Connect 500 provides robust, reliable, and economical interconnection between a small facility or small Branch Office and headquarters or a data center or even a Cloud, with 100% uptime for application server access, surveillance, and remote management.


  • Works with Local, Public IP, and any ISP
  • Provides Network Failover & Security
  • Active-Active Load balancing and auto-failover between ISP/USB/SIM
  • Supports failover between VPN and ISP
  • Domain Filter allows only specific domains on specific port numbers
  • Remote Management & Secure Remote Access
  • SNMP enabled for SOC/SIEM Integration
  • Content Filtering


  • No need of static IPS at branches
  • Secure VPN Access to Head Office
  • Supports Wired and LTE/4G Dongle (ISP / Single SIM / Dual SIM) links for Bandwidth Aggregation, Active-Active Load Balancing, and Failover
  • Supports MPLS, Leased Line, and Broadband for Seamless failover
  • Block inappropriate website access
  • Allow only what is required for Productivity
  • 24/7 uptime between branch and HQ, besides Time & Cost Savings
  • Immediate incident response & resolution