ProGet is a Package management system, designed by the Inedo software company. It allows users to host and manage personal or enterprise-wide packages, applications, and components. It was originally designed as a private NuGet manager and symbol and source server.

Benefits of using MDM platform

Proget MDM combines easy and intuitive use with a vast array of available functions. The solution is developed entirely by our programmers and it is not subject to the strict rules imposed by large corporations. We can freely adapt to the needs and requirements of our Customers. Proget MDM offers high level of data security, regardless of whether the devices are owned by the company or employees who use them for business in the BYOD scenario.

Device feature control

A company device is subject to safety policies in accordance with the company requirements, creating hardware and system constraints.

Geolocation of devices

Thanks to Proget MDM, devices may be located on demand, in a given time interval or in motion, creating track and route history.

Data encryption

We encrypt data with the use of high-standard cryptographic algorithms and thanks to security updates the system is resistant to all susceptibility.

Remote wipe

It allows to erase the entire memory of the device or only the company data, ensuring the protection of sensitive data against unauthorised access.

Remote desktop

This functionality allows remote access to mobile devices which greatly supports problem-solving by the IT Department.

Corporate standard

We integrate business services such as email, calendar, contacts, but we also provide enhanced features such as VPN, le access, intranet, proxy and many other.

Application distribution

Distribution of own applications blocking certain software, e.g. Facebook, and creating white and black lists offers great opportunities to rule the application world.

Expansion and adjustment

Proget MDM is not merely a closed platform, it is a framework that we use for customisation. We will provide you with a tailor-made software in which each detail corresponds to your concept.


Proget is the only producer open to the needs of Customers. We talk to our Customers about their real needs regarding the MDM system. If integration with an unusual system or service (SIEM, DLP, ERP, CRM and others) is required, our R&D Department will establish whether the implementation is possible from a technical point of view and how much time is needed for the implementation. If it is necessary to modify the control panel, add new features, options, buttons, reports, just arrange it with us and we will be able to o er a system modi cation so as to adapt the Proget MDM platform to your needs and expectations. No other producer o ers such possibilities with regard to adjusting to individual needs of the Customer!

Android Enterprise separates business applications from personal applications. Use eciency, exibility and capacity of Android in your work – the best applications at your disposal, any time, any place. Create a special work prole solve the issue of data specication with this technology. Secure condential data in the highest possible standards.

Samsung KNOX allows users to create separate space for secure storage of business applications and electronic mail, isolating them from the data in private space. This allows IT administrators to remotely set up securities and manage company data without having access to users’ private data.

Samsung Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air allows companies to control update schedules and versions of operating systems in employees’ devices. Administrators can test updates prior to their implementation in order to ensure compatibility between the corporate applications and new systems.

Thanks to DEP, global distribution of iPads and iPhones is completely touchless. Automatic enrollment through MDM is available for all devices, thanks to which they are immediately congured along with the account settings, applications and access to corporate services via the Internet during their activation.Apple DEP activates the supervised mode touchlessly. This enables the conguration of the device by any means and the Allow open-in policy provides full system support for data specication.