Tally had upgraded their version from Tally ERP to Tally PRIME,

Kindly find below the differences as per your request.

Till Tally.ERP 9, the keyboard was a preferred way of using Tally, but Tally Prime will change this perception as most functions can easily be accessed using the mouse, which also improves the efficiency of the software.

Categorization Of Data
Details have been categorized into basic and advanced thus the screen appears less crowded and pleasant for the user.

  • Chart of Accounts: Option of ‘Chart of Accounts’ this allows you to access all your masters including groups, ledgers, voucher types, cost centres, etc can be accessed from one screen. In Tally.ERP 9 user had to make minimum 3 clicks to open each of these.
  • Mark details as permanent:  Add a few details which are needed most of the times as ‘Permanent details’ in ‘configuration’. Thus you can decide which components must be permanently available and which details must be available manually from the ‘Show More details’ option.
  • Change Mode’: In sales voucher or any other voucher, the Change Mode gives you three options namely – Item Invoice, Accounting invoice and As invoice. In Tally.ERP 9 these options were available in 3 different places, and hence navigation is now easier.

‘Go To’ Search Bar
The ‘Go To’ search bar allows you to go wherever you want in Tally without searching for it in every drop-down menu on your screen. Navigate through 90% of Tally with ‘Go To’ option. Open Outstanding details using the ‘go to’ option from any voucher screen. Put half-completed entry on hold and continue making other entries using the ‘Go To’ option. Thus you can complete multiple tasks at time in Tally Prime.

This amazing search Bar in Tally Prime allows you to switch through different screens in Tally. Use ALT + G (Go to) to multi-task in Tally.

Optimize Invoice
When a user printed invoices with many items, in Tally.ERP 9, the invoices had to be printed in many pages as the invoice had an unused blank space at the bottom which was not needed. In Tally Prime, you can ‘optimise printing to save paper’. This feature will reduce your 6-page invoice to a 2-page invoice, thus saving your printing costs, paper costs and other costs.

Search any report using the ‘Go to’ option. This feature helps when you’re not sure where a report is and can be used by any person who is not familiar with Tally.

Reports For Owners

Switch Between Reports
Easily switch between reports using the ‘Go To’ option. View active/inactive reports. Get an option for ‘Change View. For example, in an Inventory report, by clicking on ‘Change View’ you can view report Stock Item wise and other similar inventory reports. Similarly, you can do so for Ledgers as well.

‘Basis Of Values’
In balance sheet or any other report, you can view the numbers in terms of thousands or lakhs or crores using the ‘Basis of Values’ option. This option makes the task of viewing reports and the numbers easier as you already know all the numbers are in lakhs or any scale that you have selected.

Exemption Reports
You can view many reports that were available in Tally.ERP 9, but only a few users could find it as it was challenging to find them. In Tally Prime, you will get the option to see all these reports in the ‘Exemption reports’. Reports like Negative Stock items, Sales order outstanding, and many such amazing reports.


  • GSTR 1: In GSTR 1, go to Exemption reports, you get an option for ‘Accepted as valid’ – Vouchers accepted with original values and Vouchers accepted without party GSTN/UIN validation. These reports allow you to cross-check your GSTR1 data.
  • Analysis and verification: In Gateway of Tally screen, you will get an option for ‘Analysis and verification’. It allows you to do Data analysis and Voucher verification. These features are made more discoverable in Tally Prime.

Ease Of Usage

  • User does not have to log in twice for two different companies when the password for two other companies is the same. Tally remembers it and allows you to open the company without having to enter the password.
  • No need to remember shortcuts like ALT + C as you get an option to create ledger as the first option whenever you are asked to enter the name of a ledger

F1 Help
Tally Prime gives you complete details in the ‘About’ section. It gives you the complete system details such as Tally product information, license related information, Data related information, Connectivity and Tally Gateway server information as well as computer-related information(memory, operating system, etc.). It also allows you to see how many Tally applications are being run at the moment. This information helps your service provider to provide you with a better and efficient support service.

Tally Installation Simplified
On clicking the Tally setup file, Tally will automatically check where the old setup is (If you have one). If you want to update it or create a new folder, Tally will detect the old file and capture its data path, data, TDL and new instance will be made with the old data path. Thus, you will not need to define the path or configuration. This enhancement will improve your installation experience.

Message Bar With Details In The Bottom Of The Screen
In Tally.ERP 9, there was a message bar at the bottom of the screen, which occupied a lot of screen space. In Tally Prime, you can access these details from the Help Menu – Troubleshooting – Event Log. You can view all the error messages and all other information that was previously available at the bottom of Tally.ERP 9 screen.

TDL Configuration Simplified
You can check, install and manage TDLs from The Help menu – TDL & Addon. Thus the process is simplified.

Reporting Through Browser
More reports have been added. Now you can access even more reports by accessing online using a browser.