Gajshield 20nu Firewall

Gajshield 20nu Firewall

GajShield GS20nu is a context aware Data Security Firewall sitting right at the gateway, helping you to secure your enterprise beyond just the network.GajShield GS20nu Data Security Firewall understands data and provide deeper data visibility, and a broader threat surface manageability. The firewall features a context based data security approach which allows for greater control over data transaction and prevents Data Exploitation. GS1490nu is ICSA Labs certified and provides state of the art security for enterprises.

Data Security Firewall Approach:

  • Application Identification Engine: The Application Identification Engine identifies the application in use.
  • Visibility and Data Aware Policy: It checks and applies granular data security policies on the packet.
  • Advanced Contextual data Classification: It Breaks Down the packet into multiple data points using Advanced Contextual Data Classification Engine
  • Identify Policy Violation and Protection: Its further takes appropriate action on the packet to prevent data exploitation

Firewall Throughput

» 3.6 Gbps

Ethernet interfaces

» 4 Ports of 1Gbps Copper

IPS Throughput

» 2.6 Gbps

Antivirus Throughput

» 550 Mbps

Firewall IMIX Throughput

»  2.2 Gbps

ICSA Labs Certified

»  Yes

High Availability (HA)

»  Active-Active, Active-Passive

NGFW Throughput

» 320 Mbps

Concurrent Sessions

»  6150000

New Sessions Per Second

» 32000

VPN Throughput

»  360 Mbps

VPN Tunnels

»  550

Configurable WAN/LAN/DMZ ports)

»  Yes