iOS Account Wipe and new features in Android for Work MAM

This week, we’re introducing iOS Account Wipe (i.e. Selective Wipe), which allows Google Apps admins to safely delete an employee’s corporate account and data from their iPhone or iPad without impacting that employee’s personal space (e.g. their personal photos). The existing Remote Wipe functionality, which allows admins to wipe an employee’s entire device, will remain unchanged.

Account Wipe

In addition, as part of an ongoing effort to make Android even more valuable to our customers, this week we are launching enhanced functionality for Android Mobile Application Management (MAM), a core capability that we introduced with our initial support of Android for Work. These new features can help admins get their employees up and running on Android for Work faster (with auto-install into an employee’s Work Profile) and stay productive (by preventing employees from uninstalling certain apps)—while at the same time keeping data protected (with widget control).

Android MAM

The Google Apps Device Policy app for Android is concurrently updated to display additional information about the device when the employee is using a Work Profile (e.g. the unknown sources status, developer options status, and domain names of other accounts added to the Work Profile).

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More options for charts, cells, and collaboration in Google Sheets on the web

When working with spreadsheets, it’s important to take raw figures and turn them into a story. Today’s update to Google Sheets on the web allows people to do just that, offering even more ways to visualize and analyze data.

Customized charts, made easier
Charts can make even the largest data sets digestible, so we’ve made a few improvements to help people highlight what’s most important. With this launch, people can now:

  • Use data labels to display the exact values of bars and points in charts.
  • Choose different shapes and symbols for data points in both line and scatter charts.
  • Move and resize charts more easily.


Data, displayed right
Today’s launch also includes new tools for analyzing spreadsheet data. For example, people can:

  • Preview the results of a formula, including any formula errors, instantly as they type.
  • Filter rows and columns by conditions, including “less than,” “greater than,” “text contains,” “date after,” and more.
  • Add calculated fields to pivot tables in order to apply formulas to pivot table data.
  • Use the GETPIVOTDATA function to retrieve data from a pivot table.


Collaborate, confidently
Collaborating in Sheets can greatly improve the end product, but it’s important to avoid making accidental edits. Currently, people can restrict who can edit an entire worksheet or range of cells using the protected sheets and ranges feature. To reduce the number of unintended changes (e.g. typos) made by people who do have permission to edit, today’s launch includes the ability to warn individuals who attempt to edit certain cells. This will facilitate increased collaboration, as owners won’t need to set complicated permissions in order to allow others to work on the document.

Heads Up

Try these updated Google Sheets features on the web today, and start telling better stories with data.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release:

  • Calculated fields in pivot tables
  • GETPIVOTDATA functionality
  • Protected cell warnings

Live on Rapid release, with Scheduled release to follow on June 29th:

  • Data labels in charts
  • Custom data point shapes in charts
  • Moving and resizing charts
  • Formula previews
  • Filter by condition

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Insert images into Google Sheets when offline

We’re making it easier for your employees to work on the go—and without Internet access—in Google Sheets on the web. With this launch, people can now insert images into Sheets even when they’re not online, provided they’re working in Chrome and have turned on offline access. Those images will be synced once the person gets back online. Try it out in Google Sheets today.

Release track:
Scheduled release and Rapid release

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Google Slides now supports Chromecast and AirPlay

Today’s update to the Google Slides app makes it even easier to share presentations on big screens. With just your phone or tablet and the Google Slides app, you can present easily to any screen with Chromecast or AirPlay.

Google Slides now supports Chromecast and AirPlay

When you’re presenting on the big screen, you can use your smaller screen to advance slides, view speaker notes and stay on track with a timer. This way you can focus more on telling your story and engaging your audience, instead of on logistics.

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Full-view screen sharing for Google Hangouts

For a richer experience when presenting screen-shared content, today we’re launching full-view screen sharing for Google Hangouts.

Moving forward, when people using Hangouts present to meeting participants in ‘Present to everyone’ mode─or another participant pins someone who is screen-sharing─Hangouts participants will see two changes to the user interface:

  • The screen shared content will use as much visible area of the screen as possible. The thumbnail photos of meeting attendees will overlay the content at the bottom of the screen by default.
  • A new button will be added to the control bar at the top to allow participants to hide the thumbnail photos of meeting attendees as desired.

screen sharing for Google Hangouts


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