Detect attacks before they enter your network


This document explains the functionality of F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway (MSG) – what it is, what it does, and how it works.

Key features

MSG offers two main features for email commu-nication: protection and privacy.

  • Virus protection and spam detection help protect your company’s computers and data against external threats.
  • Email encryption allows you to make sure that private information stays private.


  • MSG offers complete defense against email threats with 99%+ anti-spam accuracy and 100% anti-virus protection.
  • Reduces the load on mail servers and the company network, minimizing the need for hardware investments.
  • Email encryption prevents accidental leaks of confidential data.
  • MSG offers total control and flexibility for email security.



Email is still the most common means of communications with in and between companies. Its everyday use makes it an essential part of any company’s basic functions.

Phishing messages are often designed to steal sensitive and confidential data. Unlike traditional spam, they attempt to hijack company data by imitating legitimate email messages to appear trustworthy. Today, phishing messages are sent with low volumes and are often not detected by traditional spam scanning. Phishing messages may often only contain a URL for further in-formation, meaning that they can easily slip through spam filters and reach the end-user’s inbox.

It is important to understand the new forms of malicious emails, because ordinary spam definition updates are too slow and usually do not protect you from new types of exploits. This makes real- time URL reputation checking a necessity.

Privacy in email communication

Another critical issue is the privacy of confidential information. You must ask yourself (and all your employees) three critical questions:

  1. Have you ever sent an email to the wrong address?
  2. Do you know that sending a message without email encryption is similar to dropping a postcard?
  3. Do you know what information must be encrypted?

It is very easy to avoid human errors and mistakes with the right tool that automatically encrypts mails containing any information that can be considered private or confidential.



Messaging Security Gateway is an all-in-one solution for your anti-spam, anti-malware and encryption needs. It helps you detect and stop attacks even before they enter your network. It is an easy-to-use tool – just install it and forget all about it. It offers you automatic control of confidential information.

The solution is easy to implement and rebrand for your company needs. It comes with enterprise- class availability and scalability and is simple to administer with no loss of control.

How does it work?

The solution protects inbound and outbound email traffic against any type of threat.





The F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway is designed as a gateway product to protect the email environment inside your network. The solution supports hardware, virtual or hybrid deployment. The solution is easy and quick to implement in your current network environment.


  • Unbeatable email encryption and data loss prevention
  • Simplified encryption key management
  • Automatically applies encryption based on your organization’s policies
  • One-step encrypted email delivery for mobile, laptop, and desktop users
  • Native, integrated, and strong encryption technology (AES 256-bit message encryption: and ECDSA 256-bit digital signature)
  • Covers privacy and data security regulations including HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SEC rules, and many more.


  • Zero-hour threat detection
  • Multi-layered threat protection
  • Bidirectional filtering
  • Best-in-class inbound and outbound email security


  • Ultimate protection against the latest emails threats. Real-time reputation check for spam and URLs guarantees highly accurate spam detection
  • Advanced machine learning technology for unrivalled anti-spam effectiveness


With the automatic reporting tool, you get an overview of the attempted and blocked attacks and can verify what emails are being filtered. You can also get an overview of the overall status of email traffic in the company.

You can select what type of information you need to get.

  • More than 60 ready-made reporting templates and scheduled reports
  • Multiple ways to publish reports
  • Customized reporting for each customer
  • Branded reports according to your company’s visual guidelines


The protection functions of MSG are easy to manage through a web-based administration portal. Powerful end-user controls allow the administrator to easily manage the entire email environment.

Administrators can setup Sub-organizations (“Sub-Orgs”) with the Delegated Administration feature. Sub-Orgs are logical groups of users based on business units, geographical regions, roles, functions, organizational hierarchy, or a combination of these criteria. Additionally, the administrator can delegate dministration of select controls and settings under each Sub-Org. Delegated Administrators can only view and manage the Sub-Org to which he or she has been given access by the root administrator.

Thanks to the new Sub-Orgs structure, user administration can be based on geographical regions, administrator roles, or administrator functions. dministrators can create a hierarchy of users that best represents the organizational structure by adding or deleting Groups that belong to a Sub- Org.

Sub-Orgs belong to the Organization, and will inherit filtering attributes from the Organization unless overridden by unique attributes for the Sub-Org. Spam policies, safe and block lists, digest attributes, and email encryption attributes can be changed at the Sub-Org level to gain the right level of mail filtering.

The email encryption included in Messaging Security Gateway works without downloading or installing additional client software. The solution stores only the encryption keys and not the actual encrypted message. It offers advanced detection of private and confidential information in both structured and unstructured data. The encryption works with any email client.