Website Designing Questionaries
Telephone number:
Do you have domain name registered:
What will be your domain name?:
Do you have web hosting space?:
Do you have email hosting space?:
Which hosting space you will prefer?(shared /dedicated):
Which platform you require hosting space?(Linux/Windows):
Which Geo Location of hosting you require(India or USA):
Type of Business(eg. Trading):
What is the objective of website:
What is your expectation from website :
Who are your target audience:
What is the USP of your products,services and oferings :
Please mention list of competitors URL :
Please mention websites you like most if any (URL of website) :
What are the colors you would you like to use in your website?:
Do you want to revamp your logo or redesign it?: :
Do you have Logo in Soft Copy or vector format?: :
Would you like to have database application module(interface) software: :
Would you like to have Professional content writer: :
Will there be frequent changes in the websites in terms of content ,images etc.: :
Would you like to have CMS driven website wherein you can manage ,add,modify content on your own: :
Would you like us to maintain your website: :
Who can act as Content / Project coordinator ? Mention their name and contact number: :
Would you like to have Search engine?: :
Would you like to have Search Engine Marketing for your service/products?: :
What time would be preferable to discuss website next time we contact you: :
What would be preferable medium of communication: :
If you want to attach text document feel free to attach which is related to above points in txt format