Emergic MassMail

Emergic MassMail (EMM) is a high volume email marketing solution which enables organisations to segment & target customers with personalized & scheduled emails & analyze detailed reports to measure the success of marketing program.

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Emergic MassMail provides following attributes:

  • EMM supports multiple list administrators. The super-admin can assign lists to list managers, who can manage their users and lists.
  • Every email message contains personalized URLs for subscribers to update their preferences or unsubscribe. Subscribers can update their own information and keep your database up to date. Unlike most other mailing list managers, EMM allows subscribers to change their email address.
  • Bounce processing keeps your database clean of unused and non-existent email addresses.
  • Upload users in EMM using CSV file. EMM’s database has a ‘foreign key’ to help keep multiple copies of databases synchronized without duplicating users.
  • Attachments can be uploaded and included in messages for download.
  • Throttling can limit the load on your server so it doesn’t overload.
  • Domain Throttling limits the number of emails to specific domains to keep on the friendly side of their system administrators.
  • Scheduled sending allows you to schedule messages for future publish.

Reference – http://www.netcore.co.in/netcore-products/Emergic-MassMail/overview