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Seqrite MDR is a comprehensive managed detection and response service, designed to help strengthen and augment our customers’ security team. It acts as an extended arm of the customers own Security Team. Our MDR team works in multiple zones, and are always on the alert, tracking attackers and active threat campaigns in different industries and geographies.The MDR team provides advisory service to help the customer respond to critical threats, and can even take containment and remediation actions on their behalf.

Benefits of Seqrite MDR :

  1. Avanced Technology : Powered by cutting-edge XDR technologies that leverage machine learning, behavioural analytics, and threat intelligence to detect and respond to threats in real time.
  2. Proactive Monitoring : Our security experts proactively monitor your network, endpoints, and cloud environments, identifying and responding to threats before they can cause damage.
  3. Tailored Services : We understand that every organization has unique security needs. That’s why we work closely with you to customise our MDR services to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the most out of our solutions. 
  4. Compatibility : Seqrite MDR and Seqrite XDR services are compatible with yourexisting cybersecurity tools and solutions through our Connector technology. However, you can also choose the latest technology from our award-winning product portfolio for a seamless experience
  5. Security Simplified : With our MDR services, your security team can focus on your core proactive prevention needs while we care for your active
    detection and response activities. Our expert team manages and monitors your attack surfaces, freeing you up to concentrate on business as usual.

Core Attributes of Seqrite MDR :

Incident Triage

  • Investigates alerts and incidents on hosts regularly with endpoint telemetry, network traffic, & logs.
  • Correlates alert attributes with Seqrite’s Global Threat Intelligence todetermine actual alerts and false positives.
  • Performs Threat Hunting on historical data with the latest active Threat Indicators.
  • Contains malware on individual endpoints identified during the activity and subsequently aids in remediating any malware identified andprovides reports on all activity performed

Emergency Response Services

  • Aids the cyber security team by performing immediate end-to-end investigation, RCA, and remediation of endpoints for any critical, crippling, or breach incident reported by XDR or the customer.
  • The MDR team follows all CSIRT procedures required by law for this purpose and follows strict SLAs in rendering the service

General Service

  • Updates detection and response automation workflows and rules with additional capabilities from time to time.
  • Performs tuning of XDR for better detection, lower noise, and customized reporting and response suitable for the enterprise.
  • Generates monthly reports on Threat activity & Response preparedness and performance; suggests training & improvement.