Are you protected from Ransomware?

Ransomware continues to plague organizations, with over half of companies surveyed across 26 countries revealing that they were hit by ransomware in the last year*. Such attacks are ever increasing in complexity and are getting more efficient at exploiting network and system vulnerabilities, leaving organizations with a significant clean-up bill: a global average of an eye-watering US$761,106.
One of the most effective methods for protecting against ransomware attacks like Ryuk, Sodinokibi, Maze, and Ragnar Locker is to make use of a properly configured firewall.

Who hackers are targeting?

Who are hackers targeting? The short answer: everyone. In a recent survey, 51% of respondents said they had been hit by ransomware in the last year and it seems that organization size is not a significant factor. Forty-seven percent of the organizations had fewer than 1,000 employees while 53% had more than 1,000. No country, region, or vertical market segment is immune.

How do ransomware attacks get on the network?

How Sophos can help?

Sophos offers the ultimate IT security solution for defending against the latest ransomware. Not only do you get the best protection at every point, but you also benefit from years of integration between firewall and endpoint. This offers tremendous advantages in terms of visibility into network health, and the ability to automatically respond to security incidents.

With Sophos award-winning XG Firewall, the focus is first and foremost to prevent attacks from getting onto the network. In the event ransomware does happen to get on your network, though, you’re doubly covered. XG Firewall can automatically stop ransomware dead in its tracks thanks to integration with Sophos Intercept X, our industry-leading endpoint protection platform. It’s like putting your network on auto-pilot – a huge force multiplier to your team.

Sophos Synchronized Security. Synchronized Security merges Sophos endpoint and network protection features into a powerful, deeply-integrated cybersecurity system. And the best part: it’s all super easy to manage – along with all your other Sophos products – from Sophos Central cloud management console.

Key XG Firewall and Sophos technologies that are designed specifically to combat ransomware

  • XG Firewall’s Sandstorm sandboxing and machine learning analysis of files entering the network help ensure that even previously unseen ransomware variants, exploits, and malware doesn’t spread via spam, phishing, or web downloads.
  • XG Firewall’s intrusion prevention system catches the latest network exploits and attacks that hackers may be utilizing to find vulnerabilities in your defenses.
  • XG Firewall’s extensive but simple VPN options enable you to close all the holes in your network and remove your reliance on vulnerable RDP connections while still providing full access to your network by authorized users.
  • XG Firewall offers high-performance Xstream TLS 1.3 inspection with flexible policy controls that ensure you can strike the perfect balance between privacy, protection and performance and ensure threats are not entering your network unseen over encrypted traffic flows.
  • Sophos Synchronized Security integrates XG Firewall with our Intercept X endpoint protection to automatically respond to ransomware attacks by detecting the first signs of compromise, stopping them, and notifying you.
  • Sophos Intercept X endpoint protection with CryptoGuard can detect a ransomware attack in progress, stop it, and roll it back automatically. XG Firewall includes CryptoGuard technology in the sandboxing environment to catch ransomware red-handed before it gets on your network.

Courtesy of Sophos