SecPod SanerNow Patch Management

In this digital-first era, technology provides the under- pinning to growth and expansion for businesses. Adopting stringent cyber hygiene practices is material to ensure you have the right security posture and can protect your business against cyber-attacks. Patching systems regularly is one of the most basic, and indis- pensable cyber hygiene practices recommended by most security experts. Patches fix vulnerabilities in the IT environment and, in turn, protect the entire business.

SanerNow Patch Management efficiently automates the entire patch management process. The average patch lifecycle that took months, can be cut down to a handful of days. SanerNow scans and identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities, discovers and verifies patches, and prioritizes them based on severity, tests patches rigorously, and deploys the patches on endpoints automatically from any location.

SanerNow Patch Management supports patching of a vast collection of commonly used third-party applications and all major OS platforms such as Windows, MAC, and Linux. Our smart, lightweight agent installed in endpoints ensures that all patching activities take place in the background with absolutely no disruption to the user.

Reduce Patching time from months to hours with automated patch management and harden endpoint secuirty
  • Intelligently automate repetitive and time-consuming patching tasks
  • Comprehensively manage patching tasks across heterogeneous OSs and third-party apps from one unified console
  • Go beyond patching to remediate vulnerabilities and tighten endpoint security
  • Mitigate the greatest risks promptly with smart prioritization
Ensure cyber hygiene with rapid, reliable, stable and effective, OS-agnostic patch roll-outs with Sanernow Patch Management
  • End-to-end automation of the entire patch management workflow
  • Zero-disruption patching with pre-tested and verified patches
  • Seamless cross-platform and third-party applications patching with instant support for latest patches
  • Effortless one-click rollback for incompatible patches
  • Non-stop patch scanning for instant detection of latest patches
  • Assured patch compliance in-line with industry benchmarks and security standards
  • Firmware patches for truly complete risk mitigation
  • Extensive reports and audit logs