Spam Experts Outgoing Filter

Help prevent your IPs from being blacklisted and gain control over outbound email. The outgoing filtering solution gives you the reporting and tools to automatically detect network abuse and lock down compromised users.

A compromised account or script can lead to unknowingly sending out malware from your network.

Spam Experts helps web hosts and ISPs/ telcos strengthen email protection. The outgoing filter helps prevent outbound spam and IP blacklisting while increasing email delivery and continuity. The solution can be deployed in a redundant cloud environment or on-premises.

Why Choose Spam Experts Outgoing Filter?

Protect your IP and company reputation

Help secure your IP ranges against blacklisting by filtering outgoing spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats. Blacklisting prevention can not only help secure your IP, it can help secure your company’s reputation as well. Your organization and network can be regarded as trustworthy and safe.

Save costs

Being blacklisted can be costly. Outside of reputation damages, you can save the time and costs associated with locating abused accounts, delisting, as well as user support and dissatisfaction.

Improve abuse manageability

Benefit from transparency and control over abuse within your network, through pro-active email monitoring and filter reports. Automatically or manually lock down abused accounts.

Ensure continuous email delivery

Add a layer of outgoing email continuity to help ensure delivery of your outbound email to the intended recipients.


Spam Experts outbound spam and virus filter is a gateway solution. Activation is done via the web interface or by using the API directly. The implementation can be done through a smart host setup, where all outbound emails are rerouted through the filtering system before going out to the internet.

Alternatively, the outgoing filter can authenticate on a per-user basis, where the filtering systems are directly used as outgoing SMTP servers.

By including SolarWinds Spam Experts in your email delivery process, you add an extra layer of redundancy and protection to your infrastructure. Outbound messages are first delivered to our server, where we filter them to make sure only legitimate emails leave your network. Spam email is stored in quarantine for your review and control.


Outbound filtering setup

»  Outgoing delivery IP management, including reputation checks [for local cloud users]

»  Detection of end users based on user-defined rules and automatic locking of end user accounts when suspicious activity is detected, including customizable admin notification

»  Automatic handling of received ARF reports

»  IP / sender / recipient whitelist / blacklist

Filtering technologies

»  Filtering at SMTP and data level, SL/TLS traffic encryption

»  Custom rules: simple matches or regular expressions on message content or metadata, custom rate limiting, and attachment restrictions

»  Protection against brute force authentication attempts, including auditing

»  Support for BATV (PRVS), DKIM signing

Web interface/control panel

»  Multilingual, brandable interface with multilevel access (super admin, admin, reseller, domain, email-address level)

»  Authentication against remote LDAP server (email user level)

»  OAuth2 / OpenID Connect authentication (admin level); 2FA, optionally enforced

»  HTTPS, including forcing, free certificate generation and management