GoDMARC for Monsoon email safety

GoDMARC Monsoon Season

As the rainy season draws near, the heightened likelihood of inundations isn’t the sole issue at hand. Throughout this phase, there’s a remarkable upswing in phishing emails, presenting a substantial threat to online security. Nevertheless, don’t be anxious! With GoDMARC acting as your reliable protector, your inbox can be proficiently sheltered from these misleading patterns. GoDMARC provides extensive remedies for email security, assisting in maintaining strength amidst the overwhelming surge of phishing endeavors.

Features & Business Benefits of GoDMARC:

  1. IP threat Intelligence
  2. Advance Filter Reports
  3. Look-alike Domain Alert
  4. Simulation Attacks and much more

What is DMARC ?

The email authentication protocol known as DMARC has been designed to provide email domain owners with the capability to protect their dedicated domain from unauthorized usage.

How is Your Email Channel Exposed to Threat and How is DMARC Helpful?

Currently, the foremost daily threat brands confront is phishing – a deceptive technique where spammers impersonate reputable organizations like yours. These scammers exploit your domain name and email address to trick both new and existing customers into divulging sensitive data, such as credit card information, sharing fake invoices, or modifying financial details.

Crafty and cunning emails often slip under the radar of non-tech-savvy customers, making it hard to differentiate between legitimate brand emails and malicious ones. This confusion exposes customers to potential ransomware attacks, resulting in them falling victim.

The aftermath could be severe: your brand reputation could swiftly crumble due to phishing and ransomware, leading to substantial business losses.

To thwart these threats, DMARC, a robust email-authentication protocol, is used. It slashes email vulnerabilities and halts email spoofing by establishing an impenetrable shield for email transactions and domain names in real time. GoDMARC extends comprehensive business email authentication, conformance, and reporting services across all business domains.