Trend Micro Data Leakage Prevention identifies, monitors, and protects data and intellectual property, whether it’s stored, in use, or in transit across your network, endpoints, and even mobile devices.

Comprompt Solutions LLP(formerly known as Comprompt Solutions from 2000 to 2016) is Mumbai based Trend Micro reseller, deals with all the products of Trend Micro Data Leakage Protection with Best Price List.

Protects data, mitigates risk, and improves visibility

  • Protects private data on or off network
  • Covers the broadest range of devices, applications, and file types
  • Identifies sensitive data throughout your network
  • Detects data-stealing malware and mitigates risky behavior
  • Aids compliance with greater visibility and enforcement
  • Offers new filters for Skype ,p2p, windows file

Trend Micro offers following data leakage prevention product, you can choose the combination that you need to protect your data.

Trend Micro DLP Endpoint

  • Protects unstructured data and intellectual property
  • Covers clients and file transfers to CD/DVD/USB drives
  • Educates users on corporate data usage policies

Trend Micro DLP Network monitor

  • Tracks and documents sensitive data on your network
  • Identifies risky processes and supports compliance

Trend Micro DLP management server

  • Provides a central point of visibility and control

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