To stop data loss, to prevent data theft, to comply with regulatory mandates doesn’t require any extra product, Sophos Data Leakage Prevention helps you to secure & protect your data. Sophos integrate Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) into Sophos antivirus engine for their endpoint and email appliances giving you complete security – everywhere.

Sophos Data Leakage Prevention offers:

  • A single agent that scans for sensitive data and threats at the same time
  • Pre-packaged data types for controlling sensitive content that is customized and automatically updated by our data experts
  • Consistent blocking of sensitive data from being accidentally shared – both on your endpoints and email gateway
  • Ability to warn users of the risk they are taking when sending sensitive data and ask them to authorize the transfer
  • Central logging and reporting of data transfer activity

SOPHOS Data Leakage Prevention product

SafeGuard Enterprise

  • Management Center manages your modules
  • Device Encryption lets you encrypt laptops and desktop PCs
  • Encryption for Cloud Storage secures files uploaded to web storage
  • Data Exchange encrypts files to removable media for secure sharing
  • Encryption for File Shares makes sure that sensitive data on your servers stay safe
  • Configuration Protection controls your PC ports and file types

Sophos EndUser Protection

  • Fast & Effective Antivirus
  • Easy Device control
  • Active application control
  • Threat–aware patch assessment

Sophos Email Appliances

  • Complete protection for your email infrastructure
  • Simplified data protection ensures compliance
  • Enable your business and do more with less

Sophos Email Appliances

  • Sophos will help you meet compliance regulations
  • Keep your email infrastructure secure
  • Protect more with less effort