Virtual CISO Program

Our vCISO service provides the organization with valuable insight to enhance their security posture and also allows them to stay focused on their core business objective while still benefiting from our expertise and experience to develop and maintain a robust Information security framework. Here are just a few areas where we can assist:

Our engagement process

A typical vCISO engagement will involve:

  • Scoping: Every vCISO assignment differs in scope and objectives. Your requirements will depend on your current protection level, risk appetite, and infrastructure.
  • Assessment: vCISO will perform an assessment to identify the regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements that the organization must meet. The organization will also be audited using a standard framework.
  • Gap analysis: vCISO will conduct a threat assessment and identify what needs to be protected and the level of protection. Upon completion of the security profile, a strategy, and roadmap will be developed for the board to approve to reduce the risk to the organization and improve the maturity of its information security capability.
  • Implementation: vCISO will implement the roadmap by initiating identity management, access control, inventory management and any other projects listed in the roadmap.
  • Evaluation: A reassessment will be conducted to determine the success of the implementation phase and to identify whether the risk profile has changed and the impact this has on the strategy and roadmap.
  • Continual maintenance: Ongoing vCISO support

CISO service offerings-

  • Develop a Security Roadmap.
  • Review of Security Architecture.
  • Monitor Investigate and Respond to security incidents.
  • Conduct Periodic Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Provide flexible services in accordance with your business needs.
  • Ensure Compliance with Mandated and Recommended Security Standards.
  • Administer and implement an information security management system.
  • Review and optimize policies and procedures.
  • Advise C- Suite on Security Matters.
  • Provide prompt and Reliable Telephone and Email Support for Security-Related Matters.
  • Lower your organizational cybersecurity risk with expert leadership.
  • Prioritize your cybersecurity investments with quantitative decision making.
  • Monitoring implementation and operation of security controls aligned with globally accepted frameworks such as NIST,  ISO 27001, etc.
  • Proactively manage disaster recovery and guarantee business continuity.

The Benefit of vCISO-

  • A vCISO model can help you acquire this expertise without the drawbacks. It allows your organization to cost-effectively access strategic security experience and technical skills, gaining all the benefits without capital expenditure.
  • Reduce your risk by enhancing you’re cyber and information strategy with a clearly defined roadmap.
  • Gain experience to educate and present to all types of senior executives, board members, and non-technical senior staff.
  • Our independent perspective and credibility can help secure cross-business support and achieve your information security goals.
  • PoC / Demo Assistance: Development of key decision criteria and facilitated vendor reviews.
  • Our V-CISO will always act in your best interest to reduce your overall risk exposure, and to ensure maximum value of your current and future cybersecurity investments.