You may be using a firewall, antivirus and other security solutions. Malware developers and hackers also know this. They can develop the tools to bypass these security measures if not implemented properly. Such security loopholes are called Vulnerabilities.
Hackers would identify these vulnerabilities to get into your systems are then steal or encrypt all your important data. Hackers/malware don’t care if you are a large organization or home user; they try to hack millions of devices every day; you are safe ONLY if you don’t have any important data or if you have proper security measures.

What is VAPT?

  • VAPT consist of two processes, one is Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and the other is Penetration Testing (PT).
  • VA is a specialized way to discover the security loopholes in a system or programming framework.
  • PT is a proof-of-concept strategy to actually investigate and exploit vulnerabilities. This method validates whether the vulnerability really exists and further proves that VAPT can be done for all the Endpoints, Servers, Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Websites, Web apps and any device having IP including smart TV, industrial machines etc.

SecPoint® Penetrator™ Vulnerability Scanner & Assessment-

The powerful SecPoint® Penetrator™ is a vulnerability scanning virtual or hardware appliance that simulates how a hacker could penetrate a given system and reveal vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment Appliance-

  • All Data at Customer Location – Full Privacy.
  • Second Generation Advanced AI Machine Learning.
  • Customize report branding, Watermark, Logo, and Company Name.
  • 11 Vulnerability Scan Profiles.
  • Achieve RBI, SEBI, IRDA, etc compliance.
  • Can be used by companies, MSPs, Service Providers, and Resellers.
  • User Friendly GUI 24/7 Fast Support & complete training.

Choose between Vulnerability Scanning Assessment Profiles-

  • Quick Scan – Quick Web Scan – Normal Scan – Full Scan – Full Firewall Scan – Aggressive Scan – OWASP Top 10 – PCI-DSS Preparation for web applications – HIPAA – SCADA ICS PLC.
  • The profile can help you to perform quick and fast scans that will give a brief overview of vulnerabilities. You can also perform the recommended Normal Scan or more intensive Full Firewall Scan which is safe to run in production environments. If you need to test the strength of your firewall and systems the Aggressive Scan profile can help with that. We also have several compliance scanning profiles that can be deployed.

Best Scan- Popular Ports-

  • SSL & CMS Web San – WordPress, Joomla.
  • Quick Scan – Most Common Ports.
  • Large Scan – All 65.535 Ports.
  • Firewall Scan – Stealth Scan.
  • Aggressive Scan – Exploits & DoS Attacks.
  • OWASP Top 10 Scan – OWASP Checks.
  • PCI-DSS Preparation for Web Applications.
  • HIPAA Policy Scan Compliance.