DLP system SecureTower

Falcongaze develops technologies and DLP systems for the protection of companies from the leakage of confidential information and to ensure control over the efficiency and loyalty of employees.

SecureTower Functions

Storage protection

Protection against data leaks caused by employees

Control of employees

Control of employees’ work on computers

Identification Risk
Identification of potentially dangerous employees (risk analysis)

Where can SecureTower be used?

  1. In the company’s local network
  2. In networks with complex architecture
  3. In geographically distributed offices
  4. In mobile workplaces

Secure Tower works efficiently and invisibly in networks of any complexity, as well as in companies with geographically distributed infrastructure. The implementation, configuration, and management of the system in such organizations are centralized – the ability to control branches from the central office can significantly reduce the costs of the security service for personnel.