SanerNow AVM – Advanced Vulnerability Management

Advanced Vulnerability Management

SanerNow Vulnerability Management software is built for the modern enterprise to fight the growing risk landscape with impeccable capabilities to scan, assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities on devices.

SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform

  1. SanerNow AE – Asset Exposure : Monitor and track every hardware and software asset across your network with full visibility and control from a unified, centralized dashboard.
  2. SanerNow CPAM – Continuous Posture Anomaly Management : Get holistic and deeper insights into your IT infrastructure and spot the outliers, deviations, and aberrations that threaten IT security and act upon them immediately.
  3. SanerNow VM – Vulnerability Management : Respond at the speed of threat to reduce your risk exposure with continuous scans to detect, assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities across your organization endpoints.
  4. SanerNow CM – Compliance Management : Harden your system configurations to reduce your threat exposure. Abide by popular industry regulatory standards such as HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and NIST. Remotely scan and address any vulnerable or deviant endpoints to proactively remediate risk.
  5. SanerNow PM – Patch Management : Stay up-to-date with your patching across your hybrid heterogeneous infrastructure and assets. Ensure minimal risk with a fast-to-market, fully-tested, and automated remote patching.
  6. SanerNow EM – Security Controls, Beyond Patching : Monitor and manage your endpoints and strengthen your security posture with real-time monitoring of 100+ endpoint metrics. Ensure system health with ongoing checks and updates to address security posture anomalies.

Lack of Deeper Insights into the IT infrastructure

IT security teams do not have deeper visibility over the IT infrastructure. Traditional tools typically provide limited view to hardware and software details with insufficient actionable insights. As a result, IT security teams overlook the most obvious attack vectors that can lead to massive security breaches.

Vulnerabilities Beyond CVEs are Left Out

Traditional vulnerability management solutions focus only on managing CVEs or software vulnerabilities and leave out the other crucial security risks like IT asset exposures, misconfigurations, deviation in security controls, and security posture anomalies.

Lack of Integrated Remediation Capabilities

Most traditional tools do not provide integrated patching to remediate the vulnerabilities. This leaves the vulnerabilities to prevail in the network, opening gateways for attackers to exploit.

Siloed Interfaces and Multiple-point Solutions

Tradition tools still rely on siloed interfaces and multiple tools to execute each step of vulnerability management. The process of traversing across swivel chair interfaces is hard, time-consuming, and consumes a lot of manual effort.

With all these challenges, the larger goal of preventing cyberattacks and building a robust security risk and compliance posture is flawed and slowed down. IT security teams need an advanced solution that manages vulnerabilities and beyond, provides integrated remediation, and enables you to achieve continuous and automated prevention of cyberattacks under one roof.