Explore Safetica NXT: Your Data Security Guide

Safetica NXT- Next Gen Data Security

Introducing Safetica NXT, your next-generation SaaS solution designed for swift deployment and effortless maintenance. It revolutionizes data loss prevention by empowering early identification and mitigation of potential security threats and data flow risks within your organization. Discover peace of mind in safeguarding your company’s valuable data. Studies reveal that 80% of businesses face data loss due to employee errors or malicious actions, putting critical intellectual property and copyrights at stake. With Safetica, your company operates without the risk of such losses. Our cutting-edge solution ensures comprehensive protection against data leaks, regardless of storage location or user, empowering you to focus on your business’s growth and success with confidence. Data is a critical asset of every business, no matter its size. When sensitive data is lost or stolen, the reputation, competitive advantage, and profitability of an organization suffer.

Key Benefits of Safetica NXT:

Simple setup with zero infrastructure requirements

  • A cloud application delivered with all its underlying IT infrastructure and platforms.
  • Deployed in hours, implemented in days.

Short time to value and easy onboarding

  • Time-saving approach backed by default settings, automation, and best practices.
  • Become familiar with all product features within one hour.

Guaranteed ease of management

  • Automated risk classification via our smart engine with hundreds of predefined data categories and protection policies.
  • Automated detection of safe digital workspace.

Uninterrupted service accessibility

  • 24/7 support by SaaS service supplier (Safetica).

Minimum IT support required for custom settings & maintenance

  • One IT staff / one hour per week

Up-to-date management of features

  • Weekly releases with new features and bug fixes.

How Safetica NXT addresses data security

Safetica NXT evaluates the risk of every file operation and user. It can detect and block security incidents in outgoing data and shows whether any data is lost or misused. Using modern technologies, Safetica silently audits endpoint activities and provides transfers details. Every file operation is recorded, evaluated, and stored securely in the cloud using the world’s most secure Microsoft Azure platform. This allows you not only to take remediation action and prevent a possible data breach, but also to educate your employees and change their behavior or company processes. In today’s distributed workforce environment, Safetica provides the much-needed visibility and protection of data flows across endpoints, clouds, and users.