Enable digital document productivity in your office with Nuance Power PDF.

Document collaboration and productivity at a price that makes business sense.

Create & Convert

Edit & Assemble

Sign & Collaborate

Gain control of your document workflows.

  • PDF productivity with no compromises: 

    PDF is the standard format for business document collaboration. Yet most business professionals lack the adequate tools to enable true productivity and collaboration. For many users and organizations this means they have been forced to compromise when it comes to PDF software. Sometimes the compromise is less capable software that’s missing critical features. However, for most businesses it means not putting a document productivity solution in the hands of all users that require one due to the high cost associated with some PDF software. Nuance® Power PDF puts an end to all of that. With Nuance Power PDF, you get all of the functionality you need no matter the task—at a price that makes sense.

  • Why businesses need a better PDF solution: 

    What professionals and organizations need is a powerful, affordable, intuitive, an easy-to-deploy solution that works seamlessly with their existing environment. Nuance Power PDF meets all these requirements. It’s unlike anything else, bringing together features and value as never before. With Nuance Power PDF, users experience a familiar, intuitive interface, making it simple and easy to work with. As a result, Nuance Power PDF has become the leading PDF creation, conversion and signing solution within organizations of every size.

  • Power PDF works the way you want. It’s almost personal.: 

    Let’s be realistic — the way you work is not the way everyone else works. You have things to do and you like doing them a certain way. Power PDF has an almost unlimited number of ways you can customize the software to make it your own. Don’t fight with your software, love it. Power PDF is flexible and customizable, giving you the ability to change the interface color, arrange function panels, add and remove items from the quick access toolbar, and enable or disable integrations. Choose whether to view PDFs as tabs in the same Power PDF window, or as separate windows, similar to the different ways you can view web pages in modern web browsers. There are multiple ways to convert, scan, and work with PDF files so you get the freedom to choose what’s most efficient for you. And if you are responsible for the work of many people inside an organization, you have the power to customize the network installation of Power PDF Advanced to remove or standardize application settings that conform to company best practices and compliance. You can make Power PDF fit your business and your team like a glove.

  • It’s very compatible. You just found your PDF soulmate.: 

    Technology changes, software changes, the cloud changes, your devices change, and Power PDF keeps up with all of them. And keep in mind that there is no such thing as a Nuance PDF or an Adobe PDF. PDF is a standard open file format like JPEG or MP4. The new PDF 2.0 industry standard document format has arrived, and it’s focused on compatibility and security with readers and other applications utilizing and manipulating the file. You can create, edit and save your PDFs in the new ISO 32000-2 PDF 2.0 format the same familiar way you’ve always worked in Power PDF. Publish PDFs, edit them, fill forms, save them and read them. It just works. But that’s only a small part of the story. Microsoft is evolving Windows and Office to help you work better and we’re following suit. Power PDF boasts Windows® 10 touch-enabled support on laptop and tablet devices like the Microsoft® SurfaceTM. Your productivity will reach new levels in the office or on the go. Sign documents with the fluid motion of a pen. Draw freehand annota-tions to communicate a change or handwrite text to edit or add typed text. Use PDF companion applications like Microsoft Drawboard PDF to get creative and then merge your creations with business documents in Power PDF. Simply put, your productivity will soar when you put Power PDF to work in your office. And compatibility doesn’t stop there. You can collaborate like never before using connectivity to popular cloud services and document management systems. We recognize that your work doesn’t start and stop with a PDF. These digital documents are designed to move. You need connectivity to get PDF files from others and to share them with a broader audience. Nothing is wired into your networked world of devices and business systems better than Power PDF.

  • Be empowered to work more securely and efficiently with PDF: 

    Your work is only as efficient as its least efficient step. That means you need the features necessary to get your work done. One missing capability and it’s game over. Nuance Power PDF has evolved with the needs of demanding business users in mind. Power PDF makes it easy for businesses to gain control over PDF workflows in every department and is the choice for heavily regulated industries such as legal, government, healthcare, education, finance and manufacturing. It is the most secure and compatible way to read, create, edit and convert documents and forms with surprising accuracy. It features the richest set of capabilities for collaborating and securely sharing PDF files with colleagues or customers.You can ensure that sensitive company and customer information remains protected with the complete security toolkit that Power PDF provides. Utilize Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services to lock down confidential documents without passwords and apply customized protection for each recipient. Or, add passwords with secure 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption and permission controls to PDF files to control document viewing, printing and modification. Use the advanced redaction capabilities to automatically inspect documents and remove sensitive data for safe, secure document sharing. You need it and Power PDF delivers it. Contact your Nuance sales representative about Power PDF and discover why it’s the smarter way to work with PDFs at a value that can’t be beaten.

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Enable digital transformation in any office

Power PDF Standard

Fast and accurate conversion and editing

– Most accurate PDF to Word or Excel conversions of any PDF solution
– Combine, edit, assemble, fill forms and share PDF files
– Scan paper to PDF and create Searchable PDF files
– Easy-to-use Office-style interface with clear and accessible tools

Power PDF Advanced

For enhanced security, signing and collaboration

– Includes all the features of Power PDF Standard as well as additional features for connectivity, collaboration, automation, security and redaction
– Sign and send PDFs for signature with DocuSign®
– Real-time collaboration lets multiple people work on the same document over a network

Power PDF Advanced for Enterprise Installations

Volume Licensing

– Enterprise deployment with a single license to manage
– Reasonable cost of ownership with fewer products to manage and streamlined user support
– Capture budget savings on licensing compared to subscription models without the financial risk of license audits
– Enhanced deployment tools to make policy updates easy

Power PDF for healthcare

Give providers and staff inside healthcare organizations the desktop PDF solution they need.

Many hospitals and clinics talk about going paperless but even those that have achieved late stage Meaningful Use still receive and process high volumes of paper. Going paperless means more than just eliminating or limiting how much paper is printed inside the hospital. It also means giving the providers and staff inside the healthcare organization the desktop PDF solution they need to support administrative, Health Information Management (HIM) and clinical workflows. Power PDF helps healthcare organizations with their most important processes:

– Patient-registration workflows
– Records management and archiving
– Patient record review and collaboration
– Document production and assembly
– Protecting PHI and enhancing HIPAA compliance initiatives

Power PDF for legal

From records management to litigation support, PDF is the standard format for legal documents.

Legal professionals and law firms need a solution that can meet the diverse and demanding needs of the practice, while at the same time ensuring information integrity and data protection. Power PDF helps legal professionals and law firms improve records management and litigation support processes by:

– Contract review and redlining
– Case management and document archiving
– Forms management
– eDiscovery document processing
– Privilege review and redaction
– Document assembly and production
– Bates numbering
– eFiling with PDF/A conversion and compliance checking

Power PDF for financial services

Balancing security, governance, workforce empowerment, and cost.

Customer demand for instantaneous, around-the-clock access to service along with a sharp increase in regulatory demands concerning the privacy, retention, and audit requirements for financial records have motivated financial services firms to manage and process transactions and information online. PDF documents, however, continue to be a challenge for firms trying to strike the right balance between security, governance, workforce empowerment and cost. Power PDF helps financial services organizations operate efficiently while helping to ensure the security and integrity of sensitive documents:

– Financial records management and archiving
– Document-signing capabilities with DocuSign
– Forms management
– PII and financial privacy compliance initiatives
– Document assembly and collaboration
– FileOpen rights management policy

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