Cyber attacks are the fastest growing crime globally. It is increasing in size, sophistication, and cost.

In a global context, it is predicted that by 2021 cybercrime will cost $6 trillion annually. This represents a huge global increase in scope and financial impact of cybercrime across the board. If you do not have a cybersecurity strategy or focus, now is the time to invest and ensure your business is protected, as much as it can be, from the threats of cybercrime.

During the lockdown due to Covid-19, cyberattacks targeting individuals and organizations rose considerably, resulting in the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. With many organizations ramping up their security, the IT spending allocated for cybersecurity is expected to grow too….MINT NEWSPAPER

If Cybercrime is on the rise, so are the opportunities in jobs. Today no organization can boast of having the best security devices. Skill sets are of utmost required. So, this is the perfect time to take the right decision.
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We are pleased to announce our LIVE ONLINE weekend batch of EC-COUNCIL CEH v11 training on the following days.

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