Seqrite Hawkkscan: Digital Protection

Seqrite Hawkscan: Digital Protection

SEQRITE HawkkScan is a powerful and intuitive data privacy gmanagement solution that helps businesses discover, categorize, and identify sensitive information scattered throughout their data landscape. HawkkScan allows enterprises to efficiently manage and process sensitive customer data, thus ensuring compliance with stringent data privacy regulations (DPDP, GDPR, CCPA, etc.), avoiding hefty penalties, and maintaining customer trust.

Benefits of Seqrite Hawkkscan : 

  1. Safeguard your organization’s reputation, customer trust, and business continuity.
  2. Avoid liabilities due to non-compliance.
  3. Manage advanced subject rights requests with ease.
  4. Maintain 360-degree visibility into your data privacy posture.
  5. Ensure compliance with global data privacy regulations.
  6. View all the consolidated data on a single dashboard.
  7. Streamline user administration via role-based access control, incorporating a range of user roles.
  8. Extend data privacy concepts across endpoints ensuring proper data handling.
  9. Integrate easily with a wide range of available data source connectors.

Why HawkkScan?

Using Seqrite HawkkScan, you can carry out the following activities to comply with the stringent data privacy regulations:

  1. View the spread of customer PD/PII on enterprise data systems spread across the globe.
  2. Tag, sort, and classify such information as required.
  3. Track the data under various domains such as healthcare, Financial, Government or Personal.
  4. Track data by compliance regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA, COPPA, GLBA, PIPEDA, POPIA, and others.
  5. Configure data sources and securely connect to these data sources and search for PII information.
  6. Search and perform a deep scan on all configured data sources for any PII data.
  7. Track, locate, and delete PII information on receiving requests.
  8. View, process, and track workflow for customer data subject requests for deletion.

Seqrite HawkkScan Variants

Seqrite HawkkScan comes in different variants: Standard and Enterprise.

  1. Standard: Standard Seqrite HawkkScan has minimum required features.
  2. Enterprise: Enterprise Seqrite HawkkScan has comprehensive features to effectively search, scan, locate, classify, and delete data for received requests.