Backup and Disaster Recovery

BDRSuite – is a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution designed to protect across Data Centers/Private Cloud (VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, Applications & Databases), Public Cloud (AWS), SaaS (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace), and Endpoints (Windows, Mac). Our solutions are extremely affordable and are ideal for businesses of any size, with a tight budget.

Key Features of BDRSuite

Centralized Management

Configure & manage backup for your entire IT through a centralized web-based UI.

Application-aware Backups

Ensure transactional consistency of the application during backups

Advanced Retention

GFS retention to create restore points weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Instant Boot

Minimize your downtime by instantly booting the backup in any of the hypervisors.

Live Migration

Permanently migrate the instantly booted VMs directly to production.

Granular Recovery

Restore only the required Files and Application objects from the backup.

Automated Verification

Automatic 3-tier verification to ensure the recoverability of backup data.

Disaster Ready

Replicate a copy of backup data to an offsite, secondary disk, cloud, or Tape.

Scale-out storage

Efficiently make use of the available storage mediums for backup purposes.

BDRSuite for Cloud Service Providers

BDRSuite empowers Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to incorporate the industry’s best secure and reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery solution across your hosting stack.

BDRSuite for Managed Service Providers

BDRSuite empowers Managed Service Providers to deliver the industry’s best secure and reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions & Services tailored to meet the backup requirements of all your clients.