GravityZone Security Platform

GravityZone Security Platform

The world’s most effective endpoint protection platform, combined with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities, is utilized by GravityZone Business Security Enterprise (formally known as GravityZone Ultra) to defend endpoint infrastructure (workstations, servers, and containers) throughout the threat lifecycle, with high efficacy and efficiency.

A new level of threat detection and visibility is achieved through the cross-endpoint event correlation, which combines the granularity and rich security context of EDR with the infrastructure-wide analytics of XDR (eXtended Detection and Response).

Capabilities & Benefits

1.GravityZone Business Security

  • Layered protection for endpoints
  • single console for easy management
  • Web-Based Security
  • Network attack defense

2.GravityZone Business Security Premium

  • Network attack defense
  • Layered Defense
  • End to end attack forensics
  • Integrated risk analytics

3.GravityZone Business Securit

  • Cross endpoint correlation
  • Network attack defense
  • Layered defense
  • Advanced prevention capabilities

GravityZone Business Security Enterprise – Security Layers