XG Firewall Features

Features (as listed above) FullGuard Plus (included in TotalProtect Plus)
FullGuard (included in TotalProtect)
EnterpriseGuard Plus (included in EnterpriseProtect Plus)
EnterpriseGuard (included in EnterpriseProtect)
Base Firewall Sandstorm Protection Network Protection Web Protection Email Protection Web Server Protection
General Management (incl. HA) *
Firewall, Networking and Routing *
Base Traffic Shaping and Quotas *
Secure Wireless *
Authentication *
Self-Serve User Portal *
Base VPN Options *
Sophos Connect IPSec Client *
Sandstorm Protection *
Intrusion Prevention (IPS) *
ATP and Security Heartbeat™ *
Remote Ethernet Device (RED) VPN *
Clientless VPN *
Synchronized Application Control *
Web Protection and Control *
Application Protection and Control *
Cloud Application Visibility *
Web and App Traffic Shaping *
Email Protection and Control *
Email Quarantine Management *
Email Encryption and DLP *
Web Application Firewall Protection *
Logging and Reporting * * * * * *