GravityZone Ultra

GravityZone Ultra

GravityZone Ultra combines the world’s most effective Protection with eXtended Endpoint Detection and Response (XEDR) capabilities to help you defend your endpoint infrastructure (workstations, servers or containers) throughout the threat lifecycle, with high efficacy and efficiency.

By incorporating Risk Analytics (for endpoint and user generated risks) and hardening innovations natively, GravityZone Ultra minimize the endpoint attack surface, making it more difficult for attackers to penetrate.

With GravityZone Ultra, you will compress the time it takes to detect and respond to threats via an integrated security stack, while also reducing the need for multiple vendor solutions.

Benefits of GravityZone Ultra:

  • Modern, Next-gen Prevention and Detection with Automatic Remediation: World’s best prevention stack and on-execution behavior-based detection capabilities prevent and stop advanced threats from being executed on enterprise infrastructure. Once an active threat is detected, automatic response kicks-in for blocking further damage or lateral movements.
  • Advanced prevention capabilities: With advanced prevention capabilities such as PowerShell Defense, Exploit Defense and Anomaly Detection, GravityZone Ultra blocks modern day attacks earlier in the attack chain, at pre-execution, bullet-proofing your organization security posture. EDR enhancements such as Anomaly Detection help mitigate attackers that know how to subvert your system and detect and block anomalous behavior based on probability of maliciousness.
  • Network Attack Defense: Bitdefender Network Attack Defense, a new endpoint network security layer designed to detect and prevent attack attempts which are making use of network vulnerabilities blocks several networks stream based attacks such as Brute Force, Password Stealers or Lateral Movement before they can even execute. Network Attack Defense also generates EDR incidents and is an important source of information for EDR incidents correlations.
  • Cross platform Coverage and 3rd Party Integration API’s: It covers all enterprise endpoints, running Windows, Linux or Mac, in physical, virtualized or cloud infrastructures, delivering consistent security across entire infrastructure. Supports integration with pre-existing security operations tools (including Splunk) and optimized for datacenter technologies including all major hypervisors.
  • eXtended Endpoint Detection and Response (XEDR): This cross-endpoint correlation technology, known as eXtended EDR, takes threat detection and visibility to a new level by applying XDR capabilities for detecting advanced attacks across multiple endpoints in hybrid infrastructures (workstations, servers or containers, running various OS).
  • Integrated Human and Endpoint Risk Analytics: Continuously analyze risk using hundreds of factors to uncover and prioritize configuration risks to all your endpoints, enabling automatic hardening actions. It identifies user actions and behaviors that pose a security risk to the organization such as using unencrypted web pages for logging into websites, poor password management, usage of compromised USBs, recurrent infections etc.
  • Layered Defense: Signature-less technologies, including advanced local and cloud machine learning, behavior analysis technologies, integrated sandbox and device hardening work as a highly effective layered protection against sophisticated threats.