Power measurement, monitoring and savings

  •    Dashboard showing Total Power Savings, Power Summary report and Events of the day
  •    Detailed Power Savings report of all the PCs in the network
  •    Detailed Power Consumption report of all the systems in the network
  •    Schedule based power management – Enables scheduling of Power Polices
  •     Configure and Manage organization-wide/group-wise/location-wise power policies

Asset Management

  • Detailed Asset Report consisting of Hostname, OS, Processor, System Manufacturer, System   Serial Number, System Model, Disk Model and Disk serial Number
  •    Software Applications – Generates report on all the software applications installed on systems  across network


  • Role Based Administration & Management enables delegation of Power Policies and Management at Group levels

The product is compliant with the features required for Energy Utility Rebate Programs in the United States of America for Desktop Power Management. Notably, IPMPlus Enterprise Edition software:

  • Allows for centralized control and override of desktop power management settings of workstations which include both a computer monitor and CPU (i.e. desktop computer) on a distributed network.
  • Allows for control of on/off/sleep states on both the CPU and monitor according to Network Administrator-defined schedules and be able to apply power management policies to network groups.
  • Has capability to allow networked PCs to be remotely wakened from power-saving mode (e.g., for system maintenance or power/setting adjustments).
  • Has capability to detect and monitor power management performance and generate energy savings reports.
  • Has capability to produce system reports to confirm the inventory and performance of equipment on which the software is installed.