LogmeIn LastPass

Simplify the online experience with LastPass…

Experience the best of security with LogmeIn’s Lastpass – for any smartphones, PC or tablet. Your one stop for safe and reliable online connections.

Benefits of LogmeIn- LastPass:

  • Instant Login: Gain instant access to all your login information with our password vault.
  • Fingerprint Support: Personalize your access with LastPass fingerprint support for better security.
  • Stronger Password Generation: Secure your login credentials with stronger and safer passwords with our built-in password generator.
  • Simplified Online Shopping: Make effortless online purchases with automated fill-in of your payment and shipment details.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: Add an extra level of security by enabling a second step of authorization access for your password vault.
  • LastPass App: Remove the hassles of multiple logins by syncing your LastPass account across all devices using the LastPass App.

Additional LastPass Offerings

  • Form Autofill: Automatically fill in online logins, forms, payment information, and more with LastPass autofill.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: LastPass monitors third party data breaches in one place, keeping you informed and secure.
  • Secure Digital Wallet: Secure and simplify online shopping by storing your payment information in a digital wallet..
  • Online Username Generator Tool: Use our online username generator to instantly create a secure, random username.
  • Online Password generator Tool: Use our online password generator to instantly create a secure, random password.
  • Secure Password Vault: Learn how a digital vault can secure your online life.