Seqrite Encryption Manager (SEM)

Simple and easy to use encryption solution to keep your valuable data safe. Seqrite encryption solution protects corporate data residing on endpoints with strong encryption algorithms such as AES, RC6, SERPENT and TWOFISH. Full disk encryption supports Microsoft Windows Desktops and Laptops and prevents data loss occurring from loss/theft of endpoint. Seqrite Encryption Manager encrypts the contents on removable devices such as Pen Drives, USB Drives and makes it accessible to the authorized users.

Full Disk Encryption

It encrypts the entire hard disk inclusive of user files, system media files, operating system files, etc.

Removable Media Encryption

Removable Media Encryption encrypts contents of all USB Drives, Pen Drives etc.

Secure Data Access

Access encrypted files while travelling from removable storage on a system without an encryption agent.

Group Management

Preset or Custom Encryption policies can be assigned very easily to the groups (created based on attributes).

Fail Safe Mode

In case of unauthorized access to a machine, not only is it blocked but the network admin is also notified.

Ease of Use

The system admin now has an option to chose single sign-on as opposed to 2 step password verification.

Optional Suspension

This option allows the administrator to temporarily suspend client protection (i.e. remove boot-time authentication) In such cases, the volumes still remain encrypted.

Scheduled Backup and Upgrade

Administrators can schedule automatic update of the SEM software and also schedule automatic backups of the volume being encrypted by the Seqrite Encryption Manager database.

Pre-check Installer

SEM installer checks the health of your system before proceeding with the installation.