Fortiguard Services & Bundles

FortiGuard service and bundles are specifically designed to address today’s evolving threat landscape. They provide a package of the tools you need for protection against known and unknown threats, provide breach protection, and address the challenges of OT, risk, compliance and management concerns. Fortinet has three choices for protecting organizations of all sizes. Whether small business, mid-market, or enterprise, we have a protection package ideal for you.

July 31, 2018, FortiGuard is launching valuable and significant changes to our core FortiGuard service and bundles:


FortiGuard is announcing a new service for FortiGate customers. We are combining our Antivirus service and FortiSandbox Cloud service into one FortiGate subscription service called Advanced Malware Protection. This new, robust service encompasses the technologies you need for core protection capabilities. It provides protection from known and unknown threats. The services will be added to ALL FortiGate FortiGuard bundles.

The Advanced Malware Protection service includes: Antivirus, Botnet IP/Domain Security, Mobile Security, FortiSandbox Cloud, Virus Outbreak Protection Service, and Content Disarm & Reconstruction.



The FortiGuard Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) bundle provides the foundational security essential to protect and defend against known and unknown cyber threats. The ATP bundle includes the robust set of services needed for core protection capabilities, providing real-time intelligence and detection to safeguard your business.

The Advanced Threat Protection bundle includes Antivirus, Botnet, IP/Domain Reputation, IPS, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, Mobile Security, NGFW Application Security, Virus Outbreak Protection, and FortiCare 24×7.


The FortiGuard Unified Protection bundle is our traditional Unified Threat Management (UTM) security bundle. The Unified Protection bundle extends threat protection across the entire digital attack surface, providing industry-leading defense against sophisticated attacks. The UTM bundle has you covered for web and email-based attacks. The UTM bundle delivers the best package available for a unified threat protection offering.

The UTM bundle includes Antivirus, Antispam, Botnet, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, IP/Domain Reputation, IPS, Mobile Security, NGFW Application Control, Virus Outbreak Protection, Web Filtering, and FortiCare.

The FortiGuard Advantage:

  • FortiGuard processes over 69 million websites every hour, providing up-to-the-minute reputation and categorization,
  • 49% of malware was installed via malicious email (Verizon 2018 DBIR).
  • Fortinet routinely earns the highest Certification Validation for both VBSpam+ rating and VBWeb rating.


The FortiGuard Enterprise (ENT) Protection bundle is designed to address today’s advanced threat landscape. The Enterprise bundle consolidates the comprehensive protection needed to protect and defend against all cyberattack channels, from the endpoint to the cloud, Including the technologies needed to address today’s challenging OT, risk, compliance, and management concerns. The Enterprise bundle offers the most comprehensive protection overall.

The Enterprise bundle includes Antivirus, Antispam, Botnet, CASB, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, Industrial Security Service, IP/Domain Reputation, IPS, Mobile Security, NGFW Application Control, Security Rating, Virus Outbreak Protection, Web Filtering, and FortiCare.

Fortinet was rated the top security company in the OT space (Forrester).

Top-rated protection validated with independent third-party testing. Consistent success year over year.

  • NSS Labs Recommended NGFW five years in a row
  • 99.7% Block Rate, 100% Evasion Detection in 2018
  • Consistently VB100 certified (VBVirus, VBWeb, VBSpam)
  • NSS Labs Recommended for Breach Detection and Breach Prevention
  • ICSA Advanced Threat Defense Certified


FortiGuard Service & BundlesAdvanced Threat Protection (ATP)Unified Protection (UTM)Enterprise ProtectionStandalone Protection
Threat Intelligence ServiceYes
Industrial Security ServiceYesYes
Security RatingYesYes
Web FilteringYesYesYes
Advanced Malware Protection
(Includes Antivirus, FortiSandbox Cloud, Mobile,Botnet, VOS, CDR)
Internal DBYesYesYes
IP ReputationYesYesYes
Application ControlYesYesYes