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How to Use GoDMARC in Your Business?

DMARC simplifies email delivery and increases brand reliability with the help of established DKIM and SPF records. It also shows a strong networking connection via a robust Domain Name System (DNS).

When DMARC Policy is enforced to p=reject, organization is secured from:

  1. Brand abuse
  2. Spoofing on employees
  3. Ransomware attacks.
  4. Allow Receivers simplify their filtering rules.

Check DMARC Record to Find If Your Email is Protected Against Major Cyber Attacks

GoDMARC,  your all-in-one email security tool, safeguards your business domain from cyberattacks. It offers a double-layered defense against fraudulent emails, phishing, and password theft using our DMARC Lookup tool and advanced solutions like DKIM, SPF, and BIMI. With complete email control, you can standardize message disposition, reporting, and authentication, while authorizing specific IP addresses to send from your domain. Trust GoDMARC for email security.

Use DMARC lookup to quickly check your domain’s DMARC configuration.

DMARC records help email receivers verify messages from authorized domains using SPF and DKIM. By setting up DMARC, you improve email delivery to recipients and reduce the chance of emails being marked as spam or phishing.

DMARC empowers domain owners to specify actions for receivers when an email fails authentication, protecting your brand’s reputation and preventing fraudulent emails using your domain.