System Hardening Solution

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that businesses will fall prey to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, Attackers are on the lookout for different opportunities to exploit the IT network. Even the slightest drift in an important system configuration might expand the organization’s attack surface paving way for threatening cyberattacks.

It offers a wide range of security checks to identify any configuration drifts, deviations in important system,settings and software vulnerabilities. It also provides custom-built scriptlets to instantly remediate these security loopholes.

SanerNow’s continuous scanning capability, end-to-end visibility, and an extensive range of security benchmark templates will help you minimize the security complexities in your network.

Benefits of Endpoint Management:
  • Strengthen security strategy with 500+ security compliance parameters: Strengthen your system hardening measures with 500+ security compliance parameters offered by SanerNow. Draw up your personalized security policy and uniformly execute system hardening across your organization endpoints.
  • Achieve system hardening while aligning to major industry compliance benchmarks Achieve optimal cyber hygiene with continuous conformity while aligning with industry and tech standards, including HIPAA, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, ISO, and PCI.
  • Meet all your security obligations with a unified cloud console and intelligent agent: Use our lightweight, easily deployable, powerful, multifunctional agent to remotely orchestrate all system hardening and endpoint security tasks. With a unified cloud-based console, take control of your organization’s risk exposure and remediate vulnerabilities instantly
  • Extensive support to harden multiple OSs, applications, and servers: With SanerNow, orchestrate strict configuration hardening measures on your heterogeneous operating systems, servers, and enterprise applications to minimize your organizations threat exposure.
Seamless and continuous system hardening to avoid troublesome security breaches:
  • Scan and identify deviation from system configurations, and detect non-compliant endpoints:
    SanerNow’s efficient agent-based architecture helps discover non-standard or deviant endpoints, and provides instant remediation suggestions with actionable insights. It allows for continuous monitoring to detect any system deviations that could result in an increased attack surface due to non-compliance.
  • Rapid, effective, and advanced automation techniques to implement continuous security compliance
    Minimize team fatigue and improve productivity. Implement continuous security compliance and prevent future threats in your network through the industry’s fastest and effective automation technique, with minimal impact on the network bandwidth usage.
  • Control account, lockout, application installation, firm password policies and more system hardening configurations:
    SanerNow’s comprehensive in-built security features including account control, lockout settings, application installation policies, password strengthening measures and many more will help you harden your system configurations. All these internal security parameters are supported across multiple OSs including Windows, MAC, and Linux.
  • Customize your security policy based on available system configurations:SanerNow supports 500+ customizable industry-standard configurations out-of-the-box. Further, it allows for additional customized policies and configuration settings to ensure specialized industry or as well as organizational compliance.
  • Execute system hardening with custom-built remediation scriptlets:Make use of the custom-built remediation scriptlets to align your deviant endpoints with strong system hardening measures and manage threat exposure effectively.
  • Comprehensive insightful reports with customization Assess your system hardening task updates with customized and insightful reports that can be automated, reducing effort and time spent on ensuring audit-readiness for your IT environment and systems.