Security Features:

The K7 UTM Gateway appliances are high performance integrated platforms that include the following core security features and functionality;

Firewall and IDS/IPS
K7’s UTM product line includes a secure, multi-zone, Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall for access control, authentication, and network-level attack prevention with integrated IDS/IPS.Network layer attack and denial of service protection include IP spoofing, brute force, and flooding attack mitigation, in addition to gateway-level malware protection.

Security Features

Networking Features


Offering a wealth of networking features and functionality, the K7 UTM solutions integrate seamlessly into existing network architectures with support for Next Generation features including IPv6, multi-LAN/WAN connections, SSL/IPSEC VPN with 3DES, AES, and Blowfish cipher support.

Enterprise-class features such as quality-based link failover, inbound and outbound load balancing, and QoS bandwidth management are standard across the K7 UTM product line.

For mission-critical deployments, K7 UTM’s High Availability supports Active-Passive mode in case of UTM device or interface failure with auto-configuration synchronization with a secondary backup UTM device.

Administrative Alerts, Logging, and Reporting
To assist Administrators in diagnosing potential network issues, the K7 UTM appliances integrate a real-time network sniffer and net flow analyser, more than 35+ live logs and over 40 different report formats to help pinpoint faults and supplement compliance reporting efforts.

Anti-Malware Features

Malware is one of the most time consuming and resource intensive threats for an organisation to mitigate, due to its diversity, complexity, and persistence. Malicious attackers and threat actors can be stopped at the network edge by deploying the K7 UTM solution, hardening a network’s defences and preventing hackers from gaining a foothold within the network.

K7 Security UTM solutions use the following features to detect and mitigate the threat of malware and other malicious code from penetrating the enterprise.

Web Security

K7 UTM appliances can proactively identify malicious websites using heuristic URL analysis and cloud-based website reputation services, protecting against malicious website code long before a payload can be deployed to a vulnerable endpoint.

Content Filtering

Web Categorisation helps businesses define the types of websites and content their users can access while using company-owned devices, and limits access to websites that impact productivity, such as social media websites during business hours, and blocks access to unwanted downloads found on hacking websites, gaming, and chat services, and to other potentially inappropriate content.

Email Security

Incoming and outgoing email is checked against the K7 white and blacklists before being sent to the scan engine to identify new or existing threats. URLs and attachments contained within the email are scanned and –if found clean – delivered to the user’s inbox. Objects can be quarantined or deleted based on a pre-configured policy protecting the enterprise network from phishing threats before they can be successfully executed.

AAA Framework

K7 UTM Series include triple-A framework, a critical process that is important for effective network management and security. Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting (AAA) is a framework that intelligently controls access to computer resources, enforcing policies, auditing usage, and providing the information necessary to bill for or track services.