DeskSight Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring can also have a positive impact on productivity. With 69% of employees thinking that they’ll work harder if their efforts are better recognized, employee monitoring can be a powerful tool to boost productivity. Managers can make data-driven decisions to make changes to the team’s daily schedule, identify individual’s productive time, and optimize resource usage.

DeskSight Employee Monitoring Features:

» Auto Time Tracking

Be able to track the active and idle time of users all across the organization.

» Efficiency Projection

Inspect and segragate high performing workers.

» Multiple Work Schedules

Multiple schedules for different users to track different work timings.

» Remote Attendance

Track Daily Login and Logout time of every user.

» App Title Tracking

Track the content of webpage or apps by tracking the window title of applications.

» User Performance Analysis

Track the active time, productive time and unproductive time of every user

» Productivity Inspection

Differentiate between productive and unproductive activities.

» Web and App Usage Tracking

Track Applications and Websites where users are spending their time.

» High Speed Categorisation

Provide automatic and custom categorization of applications

How organizations can use employee monitoring to act on productivity?

» Identify peak productive hours

With the flexibility to work from anywhere and teams spread across different time zones, the 9-5 workday concept is dead. Typical workdays of each employee are flexible now to accommodate their commitments and taking breaks to unwind. For a manager, it gets difficult to ascertain when the employees are most productive and engaged.

» Identify bottleneck software and applications

A CIO study3 reveals that 37% of systems used at organizations worldwide have unnecessary, unwanted, or unused software installed on it. Popularly known as shelfware, organizations waste a lot of money to maintain and inventory this unused software. This unused software also eats up space, causing systems to run slow and affect productivity.

With DeskSight, organizations can:

  • Get visibility of all active and retired users and devices
  • Classify productive applications and unproductive applications for all the users in the organization
  • List applications that are being unused or underused and choose to delete them
  • Record and take work screenshot of time spent on applications
» Better employee insights

With DeskSight, you can identify the top performers and non- performers in the organization with their active, productive, and unproductive time along with their ranking and departments. It also gives visibility of all team’s productive and unproductive hours to help you find the most and least productive teams in the organization.

» Enhanced productivity

Research reveals that employees are only productive for 2 hours and 23 minutes per day. The remainder of their workday is used for the following activities:

  • Checking social media – 44 minutes
  • Text/instant messaging – 14 minutes
  • Discussing out of work activities with colleagues – 40 minutes
  • Making calls to partner/ friends – 18 minutes

How do employers keep a check on this to ensure optimal productivity? DeskSight can help you enhance productivity and ensure employees spend minimal time in non-productive work by:

  • Providing visibility on all the applications and browsers accessed from the endpoint
  • Providing visibility of the users who are potential threats to the organization, with the kind of risks they pose
  • Providing insights on the web-based phrases searched done by the users in the organization
  • Taking screenshots of the user’s endpoint screen to gain visibility of the exact activity being done on the user’s machine