Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring & Productivity Solution

Why do u need an Employee Monitoring like CYCLOPE?

✔  On the average, an employee uses his office computer for personal use 90 minutes each day.

✔  64% of the employees surf on personal interest pages during working hours.

✔  39% of the employees access Facebook and Instagram at the office.

✔  In over 90% of the cases, lunch break time is exceeded.

✔  Overtime is justified with only 50% of the employees.

✔  NO Manager likes to lose money!

Advantages of using Cyclope:

Analyze the reports to:

✔   Find out what, how and for how long each employee is working on.

✔   Find out where time is lost.

✔   Find out which are the most (un)productive employee.

✔   Enjoy support for App-V and managed servers

✔   Find out the real workload of the employee.

Decisions you can take,based on the data provided by Cyclope:

✔  Reward the productive employees.

✔  Take measures to improve the unproductive ones.

✔  Reduce the unproductive activities.

✔  Hire more personnel or reorganize the company

Raise employee’s productivity:

✔  Create an internal ranking based on real merits.

✔  Gain at least 30 minutes of productivity per employee per day.

✔  Your company’s performance will grow in general.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring and Solution:

1. Online activities reports.

This is one of Cyclope’s most valued features. All Internet activity is monitored by Cyclope, so you can precisely know:

✔  Active time spent on each website duration of each chat conversation

✔  Who are the employees that spend the most time online

✔  Which are the most visited websites and the time spent by each employee on every visited website

Online Activity Reports

2. Productivity Reports

Cyclope shows, by default or based on your settings:

✔ The active time spent in productive applications (Email, Office, CRM, ERP, CAD, Design, etc.)

✔ Unproductive time (Social networking, News, Sports, Games, Online shopping, etc.)

✔ Most productive / unproductive employees

productivity report

3. Company or Department rating

All the applications that are run are automatically monitored by Cyclope which shows:

✔ The name of each application.

✔ The active time spent by employees in every application.

company or department rating

How it Works?

  1. The Application is installed on a server.
  2. Next step, a Cyclope client is installed on each computer (Cyclope is invisible to employees).
  3. Working time is registered and sent to server.
  4. Managers can access reports related to employee’s activity from the office or anywhere else via internet.