Prophaze – Unified Web Security Platform

Prophaze is an Award Winning Security Solution Company that delivers;

  • API Security
  • Cloud WAF
  • Bot Protection
  • Kubernetes WAF
  • On-premised WAF
  • WAF API Gateway

Leading blue-chip companies have chosen Prophaze on account of:

  • Its’ Simplicity in Deployment: 6 clicks is all it takes for Prophaze to start securing the critical applications.
  • Quick Time-to-Launch: Go Live in less than 5 minutes.
  • Enviably the Industry’s most Competitive TCO Score.
  • A Self-learning rule engine.
  • World-Class Support that Prophaze delivers among all the Web Applications Firewall vendors.
  • Behavioral detection capabilities.
  • The only WAF company that is open to delivering Customized solutions.

Revolutionizing Web Application Security in Microservice Architecture

Prophaze WAF 3.0 based on  microservice architecture. Designed to provide several benefits for web application security by flexibility, scalability, and agility. Highly scalable by helping with web applications operate normally even when facing high traffic volumes. Additionally, Prophaze WAF is designed to be natively compatible with cloud platforms, enabling seamless integration while scaling with high traffic.

Prophaze works

Protect Your API-Based Applications with Prophaze Advanced API Security

Prophaze Advanced API Security safeguards your API-based applications by defending against SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other malicious threats. Flexible and customizable protection with real-time visibility, custom rule sets, and suspicious activity alerts. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud, seamlessly integrating with existing API gateways for easy implementation and management.