D Safe Backup Solution

Backup Solution & Services

No one ever wants to come to a helpless situation due to data loss. Data security is a need for every organisation small or big and yet you will find it often neglected. Today data losses can be very expensive to the organisation.

Data losses can come in various forms and they could be rampant. It could be by way of a disk crash, virus attack, data corruption, accidental deletion of files, floods, fire, theft and other natural unforeseen disasters which could be potential destroyers of data. Backup is the only method to fully safeguard data.

We can help you automate this process effectively and efficiently. It would backup data from all computers that are connected by a Local area network. Backup would happen automatically and daily, at a pre-scheduled time.

Key Features

  • Easy & Quick to Install (install even a 100 comps in a day)
  • Completely automatic
  • Backups while you work
  • Daily backup in a few minutes
  • Centrally controlled administration & setup
  • Effective Security
  • Compressed backup files
  • Email alerts of backup log
  • Allows backups to multiple destination
  • Incremental backups
  • Incremental & online backup (Including MS Outlook files*)
  • Never jams networks
  • Missing file alerts
  • Easy to use restore (Allows to go back to a ‘point-in-time’ )
  • Restores data with complete folder tree structure