Fortinet NGFW

Fortinet NGFW

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) like those made by FortiGate Entry thwart cyberattacks and reduce network complexity, making them perfect for small enterprises. For flexible deployment, they are available as physical and virtual appliances.

Switches, access points, and 5G/LTE gateways can all be easily managed from the cloud using FortiGate at no extra cost. In spite of a limited budget, our Secure Networking approach provides enterprise-level protection without compromising the strong performance and functionality required for your organization to expand.

» Excellent user experience with security processing units

» Consistent real-time defense with FortiGuard Services

» Operational efficiency and automated workflows

» Ultra-fast security, end to end


Faster time to activation is key in supporting the pace of digital innovation. FortiGuard market-leading, AI-enabled Security-as-a-Service capabilities are designed from the ground up to seamlessly work together to provide context-aware security policy and coordinated real-time attack prevention. Flexible consumption options are available across networks, endpoints, and clouds. Mix and match security capabilities to fit your diverse set of use cases across the organization. Attach services to the desired product across hardware, virtual machine, and as-a-service models.

FortiGuard AI-enabled Security-As-A-Services

Fortinet SAAS

Features and Benefits


Stop known and previously unknown threats in near-real time across all attack surfaces.


Unify management and security protection across devices, users, and applications from a single platform.


Monitor network activity and automate response with FortiGate Cloud management.


Save costs and IT time with a tailor-made SMB bundle, including AI-powered FortiGuard services and FortiGate Cloud management.


Enable secure access for remote employees with a built-in ZTNA access proxy.


Onboard new locations quickly—no expertise required on-site—with zero-touch deployment and included SD-WAN features.