Seqrite mSuite

Seqrite mSuite is a simple and comprehensive yet extremely powerful tool to manage all your mobile devices running on Android and iOS. It allows the network manager to get total control over the apps being installed on official devices, monitor the internet usage patterns, track the device location, apply policies as per location and time and provide support through remote device control as well as file transfer. This allows the organization to remain in total control of what’s happening with its data even beyond their own network.

Single Console Management For All Devices

  • Device Enrolment: Custom mSuite Client App distribution for enrolment
  • Group Level Administrator: Create Group Level Admins with rights to manage members of specific groups.
  • Role-Based Administrator: Define role based admins providing them with customized privileges.
  • Device Grouping: Group devices based on departments, business functions or any other criteria. Apply policies and restrictions based on groups.
  • Location Tracking: Track devices on map real-time; view historical location data. Push policies based on Geo-Fence.

App Management, Launcher and Kiosk Mode

  • App Distribution and Control: Push apps and updates from server to the mobile devices. Blacklist or whitelist apps or categories of apps.
  • App Repository: Publish custom applications to Enterprise App Store. Allow users to download apps on-demand through an enterprise app store.
  • Launcher: Establish control over the use of apps on devices and enable configuring selected apps which are authorized for use within an organization.
  • Device Lockdown: Transform the device to use a single app for single-purpose with system kiosk mode.
  • Custom App: Custom mSuite Client App distribution for easy enrollment

Comprehensive Mobile Security And Anti-Theft

  • Anti-malware: Best-in-class, built-in antivirus that keeps the devices safe from Viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and organized cybercrime attacks.
  • Anti-theft: Remotely locate, lock, and wipe data on lost or stolen devices. Block or completely lock the device on SIM change.
  • Scheduled Scan: Remotely schedule a Quick Scan/Full Scan at any time and monitor the status of enrolled devices for security risks and infections.
  • Web Security: Excellent browsing, phishing, and web protection. Blacklist/whitelist the URLs or use category/keyword-based blocking

Fencing and Data Monitoring

  • Virtual Fencing: Define digital boundaries and apply restrictions on devices with Wi-Fi, Geo, and Time Fence. Create multiple fence groups and apply policy restrictions.
  • Network Data Monitoring: Monitor data usage over Mobile, Wi-Fi networks. Details of data consumer, calls, SMS, MMS sent and received on enterprise devices.
  • Device Security Policies: Enhanced security with multiple default policies, which can be customized for compliance. Policies are framed around password, device, app security, etc.

Reporting & Summary

  • Customized Reporting: Standard and custom interactive reports giving graphical summaries about infection status, and app non-compliance etc. Monitor for activity and action logs.
  • Scheduled Reports: Easily schedule automatic export of reports on a periodic basis, without the need to visit console for downloading reports.

Remote Trouble Shooting & Data Transfer

  • Remote Device Control and File Transfer: Remotely troubleshoot issues, take screenshots and transfer files when needed.
  • Bulk Data Transfer: Instantly transfer a variety of file types to multiple users.

Feature Comparison between Standard & Advance Variant