Data Safe

 data protection system

International quality professional data protection at Indian prices

  • Resume business operations within minutes
  • Never miss a backup, slightest suspicion sets off warning alarm
  • Instant data availability without having to take systems offline for restore
  • Windows of error correction without having to recreate data from a scratch
  • Hardware failure proof, system crash proof, software collapse proof, disaster proof

Data On Demand

Back up and instantly restore data to keep business operations up and running with BLACKBOX continuous data protection systems and automated off-site disaster recovery systems.
Backup and restore is not the real concern, restoring normal operations is.

BLACKBOX Data Safe is a Data-On-Demand data protection system that affordably guarantees businesses total peace of mind freeing them from mortal fear of data loss and operations outage.

BLACKBOX protects businesses against loss of data, loss of time to backup and restore data and aids business continuance through disaster recovery. BLACKBOX keeps businesses up and running by delivering data on-demand, accessible to users immediately on crash without hiccups, without operations outage, without requiring to take systems offline or bring them to a halt, without losing time to restore data, and without slowing down systems during backup and restore. Users continue to work just as before the crash, as if nothing ever happened.

BLACKBOX are reliable and affordable that guarantees integrated, secure, automatic and unattended data protection and instant availability. Data is safe and available within minutes, not hours, days or weeks of outage. This near-instant availability of data guarantees businesses with uninterrupted productivity empowering them to provide superior service to their customers. This results in improved customer and employee satisfaction, improved profitability, and harnesses significant savings in business in terms of time and cost of conducting business.

With BLACKBOX, Grecells delivers a simple yet powerful, absolutely failure proof solution to the most expensive digital asset of any organization: data; and the most expensive operational expense of any organization: operational productivity and opportunity loss. With BLACKBOX Data Safe Grecells professionally protects data and guarantees productivity irrespective of hardware failure, software and system crash, human errors and malicious users, and disasters.

Integrated on Linux platform, using open source tools, India built BLACKBOX Data Safe provides a cost effective platform protected backup, high availability and automated offsite disaster recovery system with an additional advantage of protection against spread of mutating virus and various other malware from corrupting data.

BLACKBOX is a result of Grecells vision to provide international quality on-demand and catastrophe-survival business ability to enterprises and SMB alike, at Indian prices. A path building Indian IP that brings dollars inside India instead of draining dollars from India. Built fusing Open Source toolsworking in tandem with IT setup, BLACKBOX ferociously protects data like the Elite Commando Force: Black Cats while vaporising complex, nerve-wrecking elaborate configuration and administration.

BLACKBOX Data Safe has found rack-space in some of the most reputed international and Indian companies with diverse geographical presence for Data-On-Demand, where continuous business operations are critical. We endevour to empower the world with Business-On-Demand at a fraction of the price.

 Businesses that employ BLACKBOX are thus effortlessly more resilient, more profitable and supremely confident.

Forget backups, dump restores and say good-bye to operational breakdowns…
With BLACKBOX: Never lose business, nor time, nor data… nor sleep worrying over it.

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