McAfee Data Loss Prevention

McAfee DLP Manager

Centralized management of McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention appliances

McAfee DLP Manager provides a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective data control solution, delivering streamlined incident monitoring, dynamic searching, and easy policy building. DLP Manager allows you to configure, control, and monitor all McAfee DLP components from a single interface.

Benefits of McAfee DLP Manager:

End-to-End Data Loss Prevention Management:

McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Manager is designed for large and mid-sized environments that have multiple McAfee DLP appliances deployed throughout the network. With its intuitive, centralized management interface, McAfee DLP Manager provides complete control over these appliances. With McAfee DLP Manager, you have a single view into all McAfee DLP appliances and host agents distributed throughout the network. This enables McAfee DLP learning applications to minimize the time and cost associated with understanding and protecting sensitive data.

Collaborative Incident Workflow and Case Management:

McAfee DLP Manager provides a permissions and workflow framework that encompasses your entire environment and provides role-based access control. Multiple users in the same organization can collaborate on incident workflow and case management.

Control of Incident Views Based on Role:

With complete role-based access control, you get macro-level risk reporting and statistics as well as micro-level incident information and actions that map directly to organizational responsibilities. You can control these views through role permissions so users see only incidents that are relevant to their job functions. For instance, role-based access control ensures that a compliance user can’t perform specific administrative tasks. It also ensures that the same user doesn’t see intellectual property incidents or that a content owner doesn’t see incidents related to privacy or compliance data.

Centralized Policies and Rules:
  • Automatically distribute policies and rules to specific or to all McAfee DLP appliances.
  • Configure and distribute action rules, including email notification, encryption, blocking, quarantining, redirection, and bouncing.
Incident Workflow :
  • Centralize the correlation of incidents into a unified incident dashboard.
  • Escalate incidents through an embedded case management tool.
  • Delegate responsibility for a specific case among key users.
  • Features of McAfee DLP Manager:

    Save time and money with central management

    Configure, manage, and monitor all DLP components with the familiar McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform, and create comprehensive dashboards and reports from one central console.

    Use advanced data control

    Search, mine, and analyze data. Find sensitive data, learn how it is used, fine-tune rules quickly, and validate rules on the fly.

    Streamline remediation

    Configure, manage, check status, and view all alerts from a single console. Quickly hand off cases and incidents between authorized administrators.

    Manage from a single interface

    Configure and manage any McAfee DLP component from a single interface, the McAfee ePO platform, and easily check the status of CPU utilization, disk utilization, and network throughput. View remediation alarms and alerts generated by any managed McAfee DLP component.

    Control incident views based on role

    Determine who views specific incidents, from general risk reporting to detailed incident information. Protect sensitive information with data changes right in the management user interface.

    Perform comprehensive data filtering

    Quickly filter information to get to specific data of interest. Automatically create filters by selecting data values, and easily add, remove, and compound filters.