Heimdal™ Email Fraud Prevention

Prevent CEO fraud and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks in a single blow dealt to hackers

Spoofed or simple fraudulent emails can cause more damage than advanced persistent threats. All it takes is one distracted employee or faulty procedures. But there’s no need to over-complicate your operations.

Heimdal™ Email Fraud Prevention will keep your email communications safe.

Your business and customers will never have to know:

The pervasive, evolving
threat of phishing

The frustration of knowing you
willingly sent money to thieves

Imposter threat
and CEO fraud

spoofed emails

Risk due to criminal groups
infiltrating a partner or 3rd party


Eliminate imposter and insider threat due to BEC scams. Focus just on growing your business.

BEC attacks are a form of social engineering. They prey on people’s trusting and cooperating nature in order to cause damage. Thor MailSentry can now apply technological expertise to scan for all possible cues and detect BEC attempts in time.

Heimdal™ Email Fraud Prevention Product features:

– Monitoring of all e-mails alongside existing mail filter solutions
– Detection of BEC, CEO Fraud, Phishing, and advanced malware
– Finding Imposter Threats (Modified invoices)
– Live monitoring and alerting 24/7 by a specialist fraud team
– Scans content of attachments in-depth – wording, IBAN, SWIFT, Account numbers, etc.
– Can be connected to external invoice approval systems using API’s
– Alerts you if historic e-mails are detected as malicious afterward

Step up now and stop fraud.
We’re here to help.

Heimdal™ Email Fraud Prevention

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Foster digital safety.

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24/7 Support

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FeaturesThor MailSentryManual background checksRegular Spam Filter Alone
Fast fraud detection and blocking
Fast detection of spoofed emails
Fast detection of CEO fraud
Fast detection of impostor threat
Fast detection of spoofed emails
Fast detection of man-in-the-email attacks
Saved time from manual background checks
Fast detection of mass-sent fraudulent emails
Professional support by live expert team 24/7
Very Easy to Use