Employee Monitoring and DLP

👉 Is data important to you?
👉 Want to know what Employees are doing?
👉 Want to increase productivity?
👉 Want to increase profits?
👉 Robust, suits every business
👉 Full support, installation and training
👉 Highly cost effective, high RoI
👉 Easy to deploy, No additional h/w

Employee Monitoring + DLP
⚡ Information Security
⚡ Risks Management
⚡ Optimization of Workflows

Functions 📝
🧟‍♂️ Monitoring of Employees
📊 Data Leak Prevention
🎒 Archive of Business Communication

• Employee Monitoring Solution
• Check Productivity, Activity, Working time
• Detailed User Behavior Analysis
• Prevent Data Leakage
• Live recording audio-video recording, screenshots
• Monitor email, web, chat apps & external device
• Control every bit of Data
• Detection of Sensitive Data Content
• Archive of Intercepted Data including web-mails
• Quick installation, setup on domain or workgroup
• Good for SMB, great for large enterprise

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