GravityZone Elite

GravityZone Elite safeguards your organization from a full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats. With more than 30 machine learning-driven security technologies, GravityZone provides multiple layers of defence that consistently outperforms conventional endpoint security, as proven in independent tests.

A single-agent, single-console solution for physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based endpoints and email, GravityZone Elite adds the human element to your security ecosystem, minimizing management overhead while giving you ubiquitous visibility and control.

Benefits of GravityZone Elite:

  • Human Risk Analytics: Helps identify user actions and behaviours that pose a security risk to the organization such as using unencrypted web pages for logging into websites, poor password management, usage of compromised USBs in the organization’s network, recurrent infections etc. By placing the human element in the middle of the risk analytics and management strategy, your organization becomes even harder to breach.
  • Machine Learning Predicts and Blocks Advanced Attacks: Bitdefender leverages machine learning across its entire portfolio. Scanning engine, HyperDetect, Sandbox Analyzer, Content Control, Global Protective Network are only a few examples of Bitdefender technology that makes use of machine learning.
  • Sandbox Analyzer Enhances Targeted Attack Detection: Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer provides pre-execution detection of advanced attacks by automatically sending files that require further analysis to cloud sandbox and taking remediation action based on the verdict.
  • Attack Forensics and Visualization: Attack Forensics and Visualization enhances the level of visibility you can have into your organization’s threat landscape and reveals the broader context of attacks on endpoints. It lets you zero in on specific threats and perform remediatory action.
  • Risk Management and Analytics: Risk Management and Analytics continuously scans your endpoints for misconfigurations and application vulnerabilities and makes recommendations for prioritization and remediation, helping control risk and reduce the attack surface.
  • Ransomware Prevention & Mitigation: Ransomware prevention and mitigation is built into the GravityZone Management Console and consists of automatic, up-to-date tamperproof backup copies of user files, without using shadow copies to blocking and prevention capabilities (Fileless Attack Defense; Network Attack Defense; Advanced Anti-Exploit; Machine Learning Anti-Malware); multiple detection layers (Process inspection, registry monitoring, code inspection, Hyper Detect) and user and system risk mitigation technologies. This way GravityZone covers more ransomware mitigation use cases than competing solutions.
  • Network Attack Defense: Bitdefeder Network Attack Defense, a new endpoint network security layer designed to detect and prevent attacks which use network vulnerabilities. With it we ensure detection of a wide array of attacks from Lateral Movement (Brute Force; Port Scanners), web-service attacks (SQL injections), Traffic-Level attacks (botnets; malicious URLs or remote IOT attacks) to privacy breaches performed via phishing attacks to exfiltrate passwords, credit card or email addresses.