Fast-growing business environments require establishling a balance between optimizing IT asset scaling, with stability, security, and reliability, while managing ever-tightening IT budgets. Maximizing the use of IT assets across the asset life cycle is a necessity, and establishing a single-pane-of-glass view across the asset landscape will help reduce the chaos of multiple interfaces for asset tracking and management. Ensuring a real-time view across the IT Asset landscape allows you to manage and retire legacy or underperforming assets, helping you avoid significant penalties, and reduces overall IT costs across acquisition, optimal usage, and productivity, while also enhancing security, and system flexibility.

Asset Management Solutions

The Asset Management (AM) application helps you with an aggregated view of your asset data, with automated, audit-ready reports. It helps automate asset discovery and eases asset lifecycle management, using the SanerNow smart agent.

Asset Management helps you accurately determine IT asset usage using hardware or software licensin information and helps identify rarely used and outdated assets and applications. These pre-de- fined parameters help you correlate and optimize your IT asset tracking, software utilization, and metering. SanerNow AM also allows you to whitelist and blacklist applications enabling a firm security policy and posture across your IT landscape. The single-pane-of-glass view assures transparency across your IT asset monitoring, visualization, and troubleshooting. Its 24×7 operation supports you in securing and managing IT assets.

Benefits of Asset Management
  • Uninterrupted live IT asset scanning: It accurately detects remote and local IT assets providing single-pane-of-glass visibility with quick and real-time scanning for comprehensive views and asset transparency.
  • Automated audit-ready reports: It provides a wide range of automated and customizable IT reports ensuring any-time audit readiness.
  • Accurate software usage data using the smart lightweight SanerNow agent: A smart light-weight agent across the endpoints helps you discover essential software metrics like rarely used and outdated assets or applications. These metrics enable strategic decision-making based on IT-asset usage, cost control, and license optimization.
  • Cloud-first solution integrated with the SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform: The Asset Management solution is available in the cloud. It is integrated with the full suite of SanerNow CyberHygiene applications for end-to-end endpoint security and management requirements, including patching, vulnerability management, compliance management, endpoint management, and threat detection and response.
Continuously & Effectively monitor and manage your IT Asset Inventory
  • Regular asset scans to detect hardware or software change: The SanerNow Smart Light-weight agent enables continuous or on-demand asset scanning across your endpoints, instantly detecting and flagging any deviation in the hardware and software settings.
  • Hardware and software inventory: Gather detailed software and hardware inventory and usage metrics data using SanerNow’s Smart threat-intelligence, Lightweight agents, to generate standards-compliant, audit-ready reports instantly.
  • Track software usage metrics: Track optimize and plan software asset purchase and utilization using software usage metrics, and identifying rarely used, outdated applications or software, across all your endpoints. Its continuous mapping and asset updating will help you with effective asset management.
  • Real-time asset detection: Track and manage asset movements in your network, including newly added, or uninstalled hardware or software from your network with the SanerNow Unified Asset Management Console.
  • Monitor and manage vulnerable assets: Detect the availability and entry of any malicious or vulnerable hardware and software across your enterprise endpoints. Use the SanerNow console to flag and blacklist malicious or outdated software.
  • Manage asset license details: Ease and automate tracking of licensed OS, and third-party applications, and hardware. Get unobstructed views and drill down to the details of each instance from the SanerNow AM dashboard, leveraging data from the installed SanerNow smart agents.