On Premises

We provide “On premises” Mailing solutions in Mumbai and all over the India. To know more about our mailing solutions contact us. We provide you the best ‘On premises’ mailing solution for your organization.


e-interact is cloud based mailing solution. It is an interactive communication based on online computer resources. e-interact is cost effective integrated communication suit. To know more about E-interact mailing solutions contact us

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Spear Mail

We are Mumbai based Spear Mail dealers, provides you the best On-Premises Mailing solutions for your Home, Business, Enterprise. To know more about spear mail solutions you can contact us.

SpearMail is an industry standard robust e-mail server that helps set up a comprehensive e-mail solution similar to that deployed at large corporate firms at a fraction of the price.

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Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 enables you to maintain control, increase user productivity, and keep your organization safe:

  • Microsoft exchange server remain in control, online and on-premises.
  • Microsoft exchange server helps you to increase more productivity and usability
  • Microsoft keeps your organization safe.

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Emergic MailArray

Emergic MailArray (EMA) is an email archiving and consent solution which helps organization maintain and retrieve their critical emails.

We are Mumbai Based Emergic MailArray mailing solutions providers helps you to provide best mailing solutions for your Business, Organisation. To know more about our mailing solutions contact us.

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MailVault archives email from all standard email servers.It provides a centralized, fully searchable email backup for all users in an organization with the ability to search and restore email at will. For any user, any email-id and over any time range. The smart archive scales to accommodate years worth of email and self-prunes itself based on user-settings.

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